Whoa. Jada Pinkett-Smith, 44, is a woman of many personalities, but this is the FIRST time we’ve seen her looking ultra-sophisticated and totally appropriate at the Guy Laroche runway show during Paris Fashion Week. She’s only 5 feet tall but looks sleek and dramatic in her calf length dress. Often Jada dresses wilder than her teenage kids Willow and Jaden. She has her own band, Wicked Wisdom, described as “nu metal,” and she favors black leather onstage. Remember when she and her husband Will Smith invested money in a Scientology based school in Calabasas? Bad investment. They couldn’t find enough teachers dedicated to Scientology and it closed. Jada and Will insist they are NOT Scientologists.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Even dressed up and not going ghetto, Jada is a mean looking dykester!

  2. I don’t like her fashion style if that is what you call it. Her music is atrocious.

  3. I would like to see Mr. Kristie Alley and Ms. Tom Cruise leave that bizarre cult.

  4. Of course, Jada, Will and their children are Scientologists.

  5. She got rid of those ridiculous cheek implants I see, looks much better. Having said that, I too think they are cult members

  6. Why would she build a Scientology indoctrination school if she wasn’t a member? of course they are members . The Mormons are far more dangerous however.

  7. The dumb-ass brain-washed Smiths ARE Scientologists. I do not know why they keep denying it. Maybe, it’s cuz SCI has too much inside info on them and they are afraid to quit?

    Anyhoo, the main question here: Is/was Jada a man?

  8. Yes, Jada is dressed more appropriately than usual in the photo, but, considering what she’s wearing, I’m guessing that she’s dressing for her visit to that planet that Scientologists believe their leader is currently residing. Ready for blast off!

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