We weren’t particularly shocked to hear the rumor that Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Bill Clinton. It turns out that Tom Sizemore told that story while he was in a drug-induced stupor. What we WERE shocked by was the news that Elizabeth Hurley dated TOM SIZEMORE! Sizemore has a history of drug abuse and abusing women since he was a teen. He’s been a mess ever since we’ve known him. Elizabeth denied the affair with Clinton but NOT the fling with Sizemore! What possessed her?
(Above, Sizemore in the Bakersfield jail)

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  1. Apparently she’s been with everybody in Hollyweird as well as Washington!

  2. I think when someone has an English accent – we expect a “little more” from them. If Mr. Sizemore approached me — I’d run for the hills; guess she didn’t feel that way. Is that how she gets ahead in America????

  3. just another example of the havoc substance abuse
    inflicts on those afflicted!
    Sizemore was never a list but he was a working actor with impressive
    credits, all in the toilet due to his drug problem.
    ps.there is a man shortage in the entertainment industry. gals have to date what’s available.

  4. Women who chase bad boys end up poor and alone in the end.

  5. Are there any pictures of her down on her knees giving Bill a Lewinski?

    Are there any pictures of Hillary between Liz’s knees giving her a Hillary?

    Either would be worth millions.

  6. After dating (using the term loosely) Hugh Grant for years, it’s not like an earth-shatering experience for her to take on many many other men. It’s like ho-hum.

  7. Has she EVER been with anyone decent? She did a threesome w/the Billionaire to get pregnant and I thought he was gay? She married the creepy Indian heir who has made his money off of child labor. Before that, she was with slimy Hugh Grant who picks up prostitutes on the street. I don’t care how many sex partners someone has, but, the ethics (or lack of) and type of slime she involves herself with tell you something about her. Besides, her acting is the worst!

  8. I guess Sizemore was her sexfriend when she lived in Hollywood

  9. Sizemore confirmed Clinton/Hurley story was fake but he confirms he can say anything when he’s high

  10. How can Sizemore confirm anything that he was not involved in. Bill will happily lie and so will Liz.

  11. Yes,Janet lot of us knew this.Seizmore was braging of dating and being in serious and long term relationship with Hurley in his interviews for some time and told it in his autobiography.No news here,as of Hurley and Clinton dating,Seizmore admitted that he made it up.

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