Celebrities love the luxury and beauty of Maui, and this ageing action hero used to be a frequent visitor – but that’s over. There are only two 5 star hotel options on the island and this actor has been BANNED from both. Both hotels had the same problem. The actor used to rent massive suites for himself and his family but maids were horrified to find human feces on the floor, on furniture – even in the bathtub! SOMEBODY didn’t care where they pooped! The actor tried to blame it on a child but the size of the mess indicated it came from an adult. Whodunit?? Guess who.

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  1. If it’s Stallone, it probably was his autistic son. Feces smearing is a common behavior in autistic children, as are the digestive problems that can cause larger-than-normal bowel movements even in a small child.

    That said, even if it was Stallone’s kid, he shouldn’t have expected the hotel staff to clean it up.

  2. By dahlia, I was thinking along the same lines. Yeah, I think if it were Stallone he WOULD expect the staff to clean it up.

    5 star hotels are very accommodating. We were in Maui this past fall and stayed at The Fairmont Kea Lani. They were soooo accommodating. Of course, they had their hands out for money. He probably figures if he pays someone enough, they will do anything!

  3. Stallones autistic “child” must be in his 30’s now? I can’t imagine him being the mad crapper. What about a high as a kite Jean-Claude? Don’t druggies poopy the sofas and tubs when high?

  4. It has to be Stallone.

    Don’t you kids remember the book written over a decade ago about by those hollywood hookers? I believe one of them wrote about his affection for poop in the bedroom. I think she said that he had a plexi glass over his bed so he watch them poo while he was in bed…..or something along those lines.

  5. You people are all stupid and heartless to blame this on a autistic child my son is autistic and he has never done this and if the FDA didnt allow mercury to be put in chidrens immunizations are children would not have autism read the article recently that says autism is on the rise my son was born 100% healthy until he got that shot our foods are tanted our medicines are tanted wake up people. FYI

  6. Maybe Arnold? Those Kennedy’s have a real sense of entitlement. Just ask ANYONE in Aspen or Vail. That clan always left hideous messes when renting for holidays. Lots of property damage too!

  7. To Mad.
    The symptoms of autism can present at or around the time of the shots notwithstanding the shot. The Japanese took the mercury out of the preservative factor in the boosters in the early nineties over concerns but found the incidences of autism continue to rise in children at the same rate as the western world.
    It is not the shot.
    Scientists are now taking a hard look at amoeba’s in the gut of the gestating mother as the cause.

  8. @ MAD, vaccinations do NOT cause autism. Sorry, no medical facts supporting that at all. Just Jenny McCarthy’s wild, insane rantings that have absolutely nothing based in scientific fact. Immunizations are not “taInted” with mercury and do not cause autism. That silliness was disproved a while back. I have to keep up on my medical information. Please recheck your “facts”.

    Thanks to Patrick for some medical information!

  9. It’s Stallone NOT his kid. I have no doubt that it is Stallone.

  10. I believe the book I read was, “You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again [Paperback]

    Lois Lee (Preface), Jennie Louise Frankel (Contributor), Terrie Maxine Frankel(Contributor), Joanne Parrent (Contributor)”


    You can buy the book on Amazon.

  11. The Mercury theory has been scientifically disproven many times. It is rather unlikely to be ‘amoeba’s in the mother’s gut’, either.

    Read ‘Son Rise’ by Barry Neil Kaufman which exactly mirror’s my story. Autism is a very broad diagnosis, but those forms of autism without a physical abnormality are often caused by an event before birth or in the first two years that terrifies the child, causing them to descend into their own world.

    I believe, based on my experience, that non-physical autism is on the rise because we allow our young children to see violent or scary images before the age of 4. For instance, there as a commercial a few years ago where a man’s head rotated around and you could see his head was hollow with lots of people inside. That is harmless to adults, but children look at that and think “That could be my daddy”. Terrifying when you think of it in that context, isn’t it?

  12. gg, if seeing scary things was the precursor we would ALL be autistic.

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