This celebrity made quite an impact on Celebrity Rehab. He was a real challenge for Dr Drew. He and his girlfriend were at a celebrity event when they happened to meet a man and his wife who were huge fans of the rehabbed performer. The couples started chatting and our rehab guy was so flattered that he invited the pair over for dinner. When the admiring couple arrived at the celebrity’s house they were startled to see large nude photos of the girlfriend hanging on the walls. The “rehabber” offered the visitors wine and an array of pills! The guests were horrified but before they could leave the celebrity invited them to strip down for a “sexy swing session.” The frightened pair ran off without getting a chance to tell the celebrity that the woman was an ordained minister!

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  1. Jeff! Why would there be naked pictures of that chick up for display??

  2. I think it’s Jeff Conaway too… but let’s not forget Gary (Dr. Abusey) Busey! He *does* have a long-time girlfriend, gave Dr. Drew endless grief and is nuttier than a fruitcake!

  3. I think Jeff only because Gary’s “drug of choice” was coke and not prescription drugs.

  4. Isn’t/ wasn’t Gary a Born Again Christian ?
    I’m betting this woman (minister…) is someone he met thru one of the half -baked kooky “churches” California has by the dozens.

  5. There is no way that could be Steven Adler. First off, he’s married, so unless the Whodunit accidentally said girlfriend instead of wife, he’s already out of the running. And based on what has been seen of him and Carolina on Celebrity Rehab, I doubt she’s the type to pose naked and blow up the pictures to hang on the wall.
    My vote is for Jeff Conaway.

  6. Daniel Baldwin from the first season..he was a perv and heh…he is a Baldwin

  7. Does Jeff Conaway’s girlfriend Vicki seem like she would pose naked for a portrait photographer? Maybe a few years ago when her body was better. Those 2 are on a train heading for crashville. Even John Travolta & Scientology couldnt get through his drug induced fog. It is sad too because when I was younger, he was a fox!

  8. Sounds like something that nutball Gary Busey would do. I agree with the other posters who guessed him.

  9. I think that it’s that ultimate fighter and his girlfriend from season one. They seemed a little wild and it sounds like something they would do.

  10. My guess is that it’s Jeff C. Either way, however, he needs to break it off with that chick. He will never make it if he doesn’t.

  11. Jeff Conway and his girlfriends name is Vickie, not Jennifer!
    If you have ever heard or seen the video with the two of them singing, and one of the songs is about Masterbating, that one is the least offensive, the others on their “song” list are really gross. It must be Jeff and Vickie, their a pair of real characters in dire need of continued help!!

  12. I think that is gross and completely nasty to have sex with a person you barely know…And to Pop pill and drinks on top of that is like killing yourself…Aids and other diseases and swinging like you have nothing to lose.

  13. Easy people have nothing to lose and they are trying to take you down there path and have you have bad health and pointless future with them as well…Gross…I would had been out of there like a Bat out of Hell.

  14. People like that would end up on the Jerry Springer show or something…Heartless and will jump in the bed with anyone and not give a Dam about the person they made love to the day before…I have zero respect for fast girls and if they push me…I leave the relationship fast..Because they are showing me that they don’t care about themselves and they simply don’t want to get to know me…So I look at them like Trash and never talk to them again.

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