June 2004: The 6:20 showing of Farenehit 9/11 at Universal City Walk was totally sold out and the last people desperately hunting for seats were perplexed to find a center row of 14 seats being held by security people for VIP’s. The angry mob booed and things got out of hand when they forced their way into the saved row. The theater manager came and kicked the interlopers out explaining “These seats are paid for -you HAVE to move.” As lights dimmed and coming attractions started, a group came stumbling in the dark whispering as they located their saved seats. The audience already hated the “VIP’s” so they started booing and hissing “Sit DOWN and SHUT UP!” Turns out they were hissing Spiderman! Amazed at their hostility, Tobey Maguire retorted “Gimme a break, willya!” He and his girlfriend Jen Meyer and their buddies scooted down in their seats to avoid further antagonism.

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