lanceandreichencpants.jpegOur esteemed colleague Perez Hilton has been gleefully documenting the close personal relationship of ‘N Sync bandboy Lance Bass and The Amazing Race’s openly gay winner Reichen Lehmkuhl -much to Lance’s aggravation. The two dudes go out of their way NOT to be photographed together – especially during their Provincetown vacation. We hear they actually have a good REASON for wanting to keep their male romance under cover – according to an insider, this power couple is shopping around a reality series about their lives – and the big selling point is Lance finally coming out of the closet! So whatever you do, don’t spoil the surprise!

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17 thoughts on “OUT OF SYNC

  1. So what’s new with Perez? Outing some ex-popbander who’s faded into the background or outing one of the brigade of A list stars who are willing to fool the public and make bags of money off it.
    Oh I think Perez would go with the easier and less risky option dontcha think?

  2. That’s at least a *good* idea for a reality show!!

  3. Oh, Weird Al, we always loved you, especially when you sang “Which Backstreet Boy is Gay?” Ok, so it’s NSynch. Same difference. They’re all interchangeable. Just sing it with that word instead of “Backstreet.” It’s delicious either way.

  4. wow I always did think he looked a little less manly

  5. Well it looks like Perez has really twisted some “Snitty McTittys”. What press would Lance Bass be getting if not for the “gay” issues.

  6. Does it matter that they’re not being photographed together when they’re photographed wearing the same pair of jeans?? Nice sharing guys!
    Come on guys…come out…do it for all of us…

  7. What is it about Lance’s face that makes him look like a simpering little priss?

  8. how childish of you to take such a personal and private part of ones life and act like it is up to one of you to even comment on. Hopefully Lance is able to understand that some of us can understand how hard this must be for him and his family

  9. Wow…. what a mean bunch of people. A lot of former N*Sync fans had their little hearts broken… but looking at how gorgeous Reichen is, I’d switch sides too. Best of luck Lance!

  10. I think it’s great that Lance is gay, but I think he could do better then Reichen. It’s rediculous how one can become so famous from reality TV! Good Lord!
    Good Luck Lance! You’re hot!

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