You can imagine the level of excitement when dreamboat Zac Efron turned up recently at Hamburger Mary’s gay bar in West Hollywood. Everybody seemed to know he isn’t gay but all eyes were on Zac as he tried to be low key in jeans and a t- shirt. He was friendly to everyone, but ignored the fuss. Zac was simply having a good time and a drink hanging out with friends – some of whom were probably gay.



  1. What is the hang up with gay people? Is this story even newsworthy? Could it just not read Zac Efron seen out Clubbing? I just don’t get it, and it gets a little tiring reading gay basher comments!! Give it up already. Grrr

  2. Our little Janet is just being coy. She knows all about Mr. Efron and his meaty preferences.

    Of course, that’s his business. I would prefer an occasional story or photo of Ann-Margret. Do I ever see that? Nope. Never.

  3. “Everybody seemed to know he isn’t gay”

    Sometimes you just add things to amuse yourself. Shame on you. lol

  4. Those 4 fleshy squares of meat….is that supposed to be a 6-pack?

    Walt, what do you think of Elivs’ affair(s) with Ann-Margret? I think she would have married him in a second, along with 1000’s of others. Lucky boy, and even luckier girl. lol 🙂

  5. Ooops..Elvis, not Elivs. (see how the thought of him gives you the shakes) lol

  6. Indy, Gee, thanks for bringing that up. Fact is I don’t give it any thought at all. lol

    If I looked like Elvis & had his amazing singing talent, I don’t think I would have ever married. A normal man can’t look THAT HANDSOME and have women throw themselves (Not that Ann- Margret did) at you and be a faithful husband. No matter what, I think one would eventually give in to temptation.

  7. How did I neglect to state the obvious, Zac’s body looks to be in perfect form. Man or woman, you have to admire and apreciate it!

  8. I feel like I was viewing child porn looking at that photo, please don’t do that again

  9. What was that picture taken for? What kind of magazine or publicity for what? It’s pretty extreme.

  10. Way too creepy. What is the context of that photo? Too shaved and way too oiled. It looks like meat packets on his stomach,

  11. there are still people alive who still deny he is a FAGGOT?
    …..hope not.

  12. Janet… unless they’re competing in a Mr. Universe contest like The Arnold once did, what straight man has a body like this? NONE. Like Walt says, I think that you were just being coy — and didn’t want to get sued! I’d love to get Reta’s take on this photo! 🙂

  13. Okay Hilary, now that I have my computer back again (again!)…He, to me, looks a bit too little boy-ish, and ab’s or no ab’s, he’s a smaller man If I’m not mistaken, similar maybe to Tom Cruise body-wise, so unnapealing to ME. I don’t give a good God damn if the guy is gay or not, or what bar he drinks at, but I DO wonder at the context of the photo and since Janet posted it, I fell SHE should have written of where it came from, not the drivel about him going to a gay bar or not.

    As Muffie stated above, it’s my words on this site for a few years now…what the hell’s up with the constant gaybashing, and now seemingly from JANET herself?! Just plain ol wrong WRONG WRONG and way past time to knock it the hell off! That, as well as the usual strom racist shit should never even be printed. EVER!

  14. The photo stylist should have had the blinds open, and a blurry pair of eyes peering in.

  15. Still having doubts about this guy’s sexuality? Not that it would matter. Studios got another beard for him, LILY COLLINS.

  16. He is gay but looking for a desperate filthy rich woman to act as escort and eye candy to pay for his elite way of life..

  17. hamburger marys is a burger joint…
    they happen to serve drinks with the food…
    i live in west hollywood.. 2 blocks from that place….its a diner….

  18. The Elvis and Ann Margaret clip is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  19. “Not gay” …???

    Then why oh why was he seen passionately tongue-kissing Shug Knight’s son Andrew?

    If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    …it’s a duck!

  20. By Gay West Hollywood

    Thanks for the link. I think I found out what I needed. Janet refered to Hamburger Mary’s as a gay bar and another person said it was just a diner that served drinks. Looks more like a gay bar to me and a fun one at that!!

  21. I agree – photo is photo shopped just like all the models and celebrities (lots of news on this currently…) Someday Photo shop will be illegal and I can’t wait for that day!

    BTW, I have no idea who Zac is! But I really wish we had a Hamburger Mary here in Canada! The Nazis wouldn’t like it but the rest of us would LOVE IT! We get the symphony and college bars with drunk jerks…woo hoo…

  22. Definitely not Zac! The head shot is at least 2 years old and the body, sorry not his. True, he is gorgeous, but this picture is not him.

  23. You should be arrested for publishing a bad photoshopped picture. It could not be more obviously fake….just like you.

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