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Introducing the latest advancement in portable foods: the world’s first cheeseburger in a can. This is the kind of sustenance that outdoorsmen like James Franco’s character in “127 Hours” might have carried. The can is thrown into water over a fire to heat it up. This canned burger might also be of interest to those suffering through blizzards, rolling blackouts, and power failures in the East. The same Swiss company, Katadyn, has developed powdered red wine (just add water) to go with the cheeseburgers.

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12 thoughts on “YUM! IT’S CHEESEBURGER IN A CAN!

  1. The picture above of the yummy burger looks appetizing. However, we all know that is not what it will look like when it is pulled out of a tin can.

    If one is in starvation mode, then the canned burger would be just the ticket. lol

  2. The beauty of having laws that ensure customers aren’t mislead – I doubt this is the case with the image above.

  3. It’s close to the idea of the MRE’s that our servicemen are fed. And I love that they show the burger with cheese, tomatoe and lettuce, because you know if you’re carrying around canned food, you’re also carrying the fresh condiments needed to make it edible.

  4. Force feed this yucky stuff to all illegal immigrants and all Muslim terrorists currently in lock-up. Either eat it or starve.

  5. This is a good idea for those interested in developing anorexia because there’s no way I could gag that down! By the way, if it DOES have the lettuce and buns in the can, by the time the meat was heated fully the lettuce would be a hideous limp see-thru piece of lace and the buns would be weak soggy chewy unmasticateable goo. How YUMMY!

  6. Indy: Your conflation of the words “Muslim” and “terrorists” is so sad (assuming you are a fully-functioning adult); wouldn’t “Igny” be a more appropriate screen name?—short for…well, you can probably figure that one out.

  7. U.S. is already completely broke and has been for many moons. So I guess we just keep borrowing from China to keep illegal immigrants in free health care, education, food stamps, d.p. for house; and also keep these same in jail at more than $20,000 per year. The interest we pay on loans is more than the annual budget of some small countries. But whatever.

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