That trip to Europe publicizing Heroes changed everything for Hayden Panettiere and her costar Milo Ventimiglia. It must have been MIGHTY romantic and we just learned the details about what happened when they came back. (Check out that body language, above.) Hayden and her boyfriend Stephen Colletti (One Tree Hill) went to Les Deux to celebrate her return and things went immediately bad. He must have been suspicious about Milo because he started SCREAMING at Hayden in the club. A witness said the veins in his neck were sticking out. After he finished his tirade he stormed out (for GOOD), but Hayden remained calm. Minutes later Milo strolled in and sat down with Hayden. They partied as if nothing happened and left holding hands. Milo and Hayden are making a feeble attempt to keep the romance under wraps, but we all saw them sitting side by side at the Emmys, didn’t we?


  1. Lindsay Light got dumped.
    See you in rehab next summer, sear.

  2. She is young and dump why waste a 18 year old body (and mind!~) on a guy 12 years older, rumored to have kicked the ass of his last gf?

  3. Well, she’s a slut who’s always been after him even when she was only 17. I’m surprised that Milo falls for her act though. It’s rather disappointing.

  4. So disappointing the level of arrogance you people display. You don’t know Hayden or Milo so don’t start assuming what you say is fact. No respect at all for their privacy.

  5. Milo was certainly not rumored to have kicked the ass of his last girlfriend, Alexis Bledel. Just because they broke up doesn’t make Milo abusive.

  6. Eww, gross. But it doesn’t surprise me. It looks like he’s been waiting to jump on her for a while but decided to wait until she’s ripe at that sweet 18.

  7. How come we haven’t heard anything about this supposed meltdown until right after Milo and Hayden sat next to each other at the Emmy’s? Coincidence? I doubt it. It makes me sick that people can be so judgemental about people they don’t even know. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. Keep her around long enough to video several sessions of A to M. Then dump the midget. btw- stop publicizing her, she is nothing special.

  9. Wow. I used to like Milo but this is just too creepy. I didn’t know he likes girls who are barely legal. It looks like he’s the same like every other douche Hollywood actors out there.

  10. You guys are just jealous because you don’t get to screw Hayden left, right, and sideways while Milo gets the chance to do so now.
    And Hayden looks like the kind who’d go for the daddy type, you know, like that girl from “American Beauty”.

  11. i think theyre cute, and 12 years isnt that bad. look at ashton and demi.
    btw, those rumours about milo being abusive were proved to be untrue.

  12. “i think theyre cute, and 12 years isnt that bad. look at ashton and demi.”
    Only teens and lolicons would say that. I’d like to think that my fave celebrity can behave more gracefully than that joke of a pair. I mean look at Demi and Ashton and tell me that it’s not messed up that her child (Rumer) is the same age as her new boytoy. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. The same thing can be said about Milo and Hayden if this is true. It’s just too creepy on so many levels. I have to admit that I’m disappointed by this new development about Milo.

  13. i heard that’s the reason alexis bledel ( gilmore girls) broke up with him because of his bad temper and i also seen him arguing with alexis at a cafe some months ago. so becareful girl.

  14. yep it’s true he kicked poor alexis bledel ass she is such a nice girl too, and cute i loved alexis in gilmore girls. hayden better stay in line with this runt or else.

  15. It’s not hard to tell from his demeanor that Milo is the kind of guy who can lose his temper easily. I just didn’t know that he’s also into ugh…teens.

  16. milo has a got bad temper and is very possesive of his girls besides he didn’t get along with anybody when he was on the gilmore girls you did know he played on that show well he did i am surprised he’s still on t.v. didn’t the producer on heroes hear about his personality? he just treated alexis so bad sometimes lauren graham had to intervene with the fights while on the set that’s why he left on the gilmore girls show

  17. >> She is an adult.
    What a laughable statement. She’s barely legal and she’s hardly an adult. Just look at her interviews, she sounds like a typical teen.

  18. Let me put it in something more blunt: anyone who will go for an 18 year old when he’s already 30 will certainly go for someone even younger. If age is no longer a limit for them, they will go for anyone as long as they can get away with it. Is Milo that kind of person? Only he can decide.

  19. She is legally an adult. That is all that matters. Besides it is not like he is breaking her in. He can take it easy and enjoy himself. There is no downside. When he is tired of her he can move on to the next one.

  20. She can probably get most any guy she wants and he can ride her for as long as he can.

  21. >> She is legally an adult. That is all that matters. Besides it is not like he is breaking her in. He can take it easy and enjoy himself.
    Eww, creepy. I always suspected that there are guys who can’t wait until Hayden turns 18 so they have legal reason to perv her but I hope Milo is not one of them.

  22. Couldn’t stand him on Gilmore Girls. Was sooooooooooo glad when he was written out of the show!

  23. he’s a big little punk who thinks his sh– doesn’t stink and wow what a BAD temper he has. It’s true he is very moody and pushy with his dates. He’s so insecure so he’s uses his personality in a negative way. I think she needs to find someone nicer.

  24. I do not understand the mentality of you people. So, although at 18 you are legally an adult, you can’t date another adult but you can go to war and get blown to pieces. Ok, I see your way of thinking.

  25. She’s a slut who’ll open her legs for anyone. Won’t be surprised if she already opens her leg for this douche even when she wasn’t even 18.
    And this douche? I always knew he had it in him to screw little girls ever since I heard news of him hitting his ex-girlfriend from Gilmore Girls. Yeah, everyone claims it was just a rumor. But a rumor won’t start without a reason.

  26. Sarah Said–> “Couldn’t stand him on Gilmore Girls. Was sooooooooooo glad when he was written out of the show!”
    Hun, Milo quit because the story line got crappy and I don’t blame him. The last to seasons og Gilmore Girls were crap.
    If Milo likes Hayden and Hayden likes him back (and is legal) we should let them be. There are much worse hook ups in Hollywood.
    And plus, jealousy isn’t cool people. You girls don’t even know him and your jealous of Hayden for getting him. Get over it girls. He’ll never want you.

  27. Does this reminds anyone of that South Park song? “Uncle Fakka”?
    I like to f*ck my uncle too

  28. Milo wouldn’t touch her before she turned 18. As soon as her b’day came along, she dumped Stephen and got the man she wanted. End of story

  29. So he waited until she was 18, WOW, what a guy. He’s still close to being a pedophile. Women close to his own age won’t put up with his crap. Young girls aren’t smart enough or experienced enough yet to see through his arrogance. His brooding, James Dean immitation is old.

  30. It never fails to astound me the rock-bottom intelligence it takes to comment on internet fora. There really should be an aptitude test required every time one tries to access the web.
    So Milo What’s-his-face is dating an eighteen-year-old. So what? Maybe he’s a Peter-Pan complex boy-child, or maybe she’s really mature. Or maybe he’s a bit of a perv, or maybe she father-worships him. Maybe he hit his ex, or maybe he yelled at it and it was blown out of proportion.
    And no, I’m not going to suggest you mind your own business because frankly, that would be rather hypocritical on my part, wouldn’t it?
    But you *might* want to remember that you don’t actually know these people just because you’ve seen them out in public, and on television playing fictional characters.

  31. quoting Anonymous:
    >He’s still close
    >to being a pedophile.
    That’s just not factually accurate. Do try to stick to subjective claims rather than inflammatory language. Paedophilia is defined as the love of pre-pubescent children. To be convicted of paedophilia (to simplify the law slightly) you need to be an adult over 17 with a child of 13 or under. Anything after that is just (‘just!’) statutory rape, a significantly less severe crime, and not actually considered a mental illness.

  32. who watches SOUTH PARK OH! NOELLE does who has a i q of 10 or less. Besides he’s a jerk and talks out of the side of his mouth he’s a stallone wannabee. i think Hayden can do a lot better.

  33. Didn’t her parents ever read the story about Little Red Riding Hood and the BIG BAD WOLF to her? She’s living it.


  35. You guys are so judgemental,
    That’s so lame and stupid to say the he is “abusing” her, just because she’s 18.
    I’m sure that she was the first one to give “the step”, girls know what they want and when they want it.
    I don’t know her, and I never watch any of her interviews, so I don’t know what kind of mentality she has, but anyway..
    I don’t like her…but i’m sure like every girl she knows how to get what she wants.

  36. Well, she’s been latching onto him even when she was still underage. So yeah, she’s quite the hor and a half.

  37. Has anyone even taken into consideration that them dating might not even be true? Wow…do y’all believe all the hollywood gossip and everything you read in the paper and see on TV, too? And even if it is true, yes, it’s a big age difference, BUT she’s 18. Technically, if they want to be together, it is legal for them to be.

  38. Milo and Hayden r so cute i luv them together everyone needs to stop freaking out about Milo and
    Hayden i mean look at Hilary and Joel and Demi and Ashton and Michelle Branch and her husband i mean Michelles husband is 19 years older than her and they r both happily married wit a baby if Michelle can do it than im pretty sure Milo and Hayden can so i say Go Team HALO lol! 🙂

  39. I get the impression that they’ve done the deed even long before she was legal, which is kind of gross. They’re just starting the public stuff now to test the water and it blows in front of them. It’s funny how hypocritical they were when they were asked about the Peter and Claire stuff. Saying how he’s too old for her, etc.

  40. Ugh, so creepy. You know with a man like Milo that once he sleeps with a younger girl at this age, he’ll do the same even when he’s 50.

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