American Idol legend Adam Lambert has good reason to defend his lavish use of eye make-up. He’s currently working on his own line of make-up for adventurous men. He feels even straight guys are likely to experiment with cosmetics. (Dave Navarro comes to mind.) The line doesn’t stop at guyliner – it will also feature everything from foundation, concealer, shadow, mascara, and lip gloss, to nail polish.

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  1. I would buy this for me AND my boyfriend!!
    guyliner is sexy as hell and I think it is great he is trying to mainstream the male make-up.

    P.S. all you bitches need to stop hating. He is hotter than any of you will ever be and if he wanted to he could have ANY chick he wanted including your probs. lame ass girlfriends.

  2. I absolutely love Adam Lambert.. I’m a girl but if creates makeup for men.. I will wear it anyways.. I dont give a shit.. i will dump all my makeup to wear his.. Hes very very talented and if you people think otherwise.. then you must be like homophobes or just stupid. And I honestly think that guys wearing makeup, can be indeed very fucking sexy.. For example.. Adam Lambert.. Dammnnn.

  3. And btw.. Its not really a rumor… Check his twitter.. Hes been posting about it ALOT.. Trust me.. I know, and he knows its going to happen and when it does.. I am gonna be one of his most frequent buyers. <3

  4. do you know what…… Most of the people who said guy shouldnt wear makeup or its wrong or anything like that WHAT THE HELL is wrong with you!!!!! Who the hell ever said makeup was ONLY for women….. Yes this is coming from a gay male but WTF people…. some straight men NEED ALOT of makeup…I am sick of everyone saying men shouldnt wear makeup well ya know what MEN CAN WEAR MAKEUP BETTER THEN MOST OF YOU WOMEN!! Adam we love ya ROCK ON!!!!!!

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