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Woody Allen took his family, including his wife Soon-Yi, his sister Letty, and his two daughters Bechet and Manzie, for a walk on the Champs-Elysees. They were headed toward the Grand Palais Museum and the Picasso exhibition. It used to be nearly impossible to pry Woody out of his beloved New York City, now he spends half his time in Europe.



  1. Those children always look so miserable with him and his daughter/wife.

  2. He should have gone to jail for marrying his own daughter, who (poor thing) is obviously a little below par in the brains department. This continues to be the most bizarre story ever. After all these years, you can’t look at this dirty old man without thinking how scummy he is. Forget what a great director, film-maker, blah blah, blah, whatever….he should be committed.

  3. Put him in the museum as a fossil. Generations to follow can read about and see the very definition of a dirty old man. Wonder what his sister thinks about him.

  4. The sister is on the payroll so she keeps her mouth shut. I’m amazed at all these celebrities who agree to be in his movies! Why doesn’t Scarlett or some of the others say, “Sorry, but I don’t want to work with a man who slept with his stepdaughter and then married her?” I know Woody keeps saying Soon Yi is not his biological daughter, but he came into the household when Soon Yi was 7. He had an ongoing sexual relationship with her mother and acted like a father figure to Soon Yi. Ask any legitimate psychologist – his behaviour is incestuous.

  5. I admire him…he’s brillant, a genius and may he REIGN FOREVER!

  6. Woody is like Les Moonves and Rupert Murdoch, once the slant eyes told him “me so horny” he couldn’t control himself.

  7. The perve can probably get away with molesting the “daughters” over there a bit easier than he can back here. I don’t think they watch him as scrupulously as we Americans do for such behavior. He bought himself a couple of little girlies to play with, and don’t THEY looked just soooo happy about it!?!

  8. Give it a rest people. How any Americans have done the same and even worse.
    The man is a fine film maker and writer and a pillar of the Jewish community. Much of his money goes to make helicopters to slaughter civilians in Gaza.

  9. Addressed to 10:24 PM, Anonymous:
    I’m glad you brought up Les Moonves. Chinese whores indeed have (how do you say it?) uh, advanced sexual wisdom and ways that would make a porn movie-maker blush. Guess that’s how the ugly, deep-voiced Julie Chen snagged Les. (I can’t stand Julie). Maybe the case is the same with Woody and Soon-Yi. Altho, with Soon-Yi being a wee bit retarded, maybe Woody sent her to Chinese sex school to learn. ROTFLMAO (at the thought of it).

  10. Well, sin takes a long trip, as he can indulge in dirty things over there that are greatly against the law here.

  11. What a pervert. That idiot wife of his will regret the day she screwed her mother over to sleep with that slimeball. When he dies and leaves her a lonely widow guess who she will want to run back to. No wonder he lusted after her, she keeps her mouth shut and stay in the background

  12. Poor kids look so miserable. The people who grovel to him are fame whores and join in his incest by condoning it. He should have been run out of Unholywood.

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