Usually it’s annoying when actors who win awards bring up unrelated self-serving subjects in their acceptance speeches. When Michael Douglas collected his Emmy for “Behind the Candelabra” he complained about his son Cameron’s inhumane treatment in prison. (Cameron is serving time for drug charges) His son had been in solitary confinement for two years and wasn’t allowed visitors. Douglas said “I’m questioning the system.” His remarks may have done some good. According to RadarOnline, Cameron is no longer in solitary. Indeed, it did seem like horrible and extreme punishment for drug offenses. We’re happy for Michael AND Cameron.


  1. It’s more inhumane when they put the pedos & rapists in solitary when they should be in the general population.

  2. No pity from me for this idiot drug DEALER. How many lives did he ruin.

  3. Perhaps… Just perhaps- if his a**hole of a son stopped trying to break the law, perverting his lawyer, continually being an anti-social dick and tried to be an upright person… they wouldn’t have felt the need to put this idiot into solitary… solitary – where he can corrupt no one else.
    He had every advantages growing up and when he was caught- he still thought he was special…..,, he’s not… ! And he’s doing time … tough tit, kid!
    Behave ! Your fat head ‘special’ father can’t do shit to get you out of prison! Sorry… but that’s life! Get used to it for the next five years!

  4. You don’t get put in solitary for no reason. It’s usually done as a response to bad behavior, fighting, discipline issues, or not following rules. Cameron seems to have a history of not following rules so it’s no surprise he ended in solitary.

  5. he still won’t need a wheelchair?

  6. There are two justice systems in this country, one for the rich and one for the poor. Whatever his kid did, without expensive lawyers and influence he would have s much worse sentence and treatment had he come from a working class family. America has the highest prison rate of any country in the world and the vast majority is drug related. Decriminalize it all and imprison the bankers and crooked politicians who have sold this country out.

  7. Maybe just maybe he won’t get locked up again in solitary confinement if he didn’t have an extremely stupid lawyer that would bring him drugs while in the Federal Pen. The Federal Pen is not a place where you would bring drugs (heroin) to someone who is addicted to it. What stupid person would do that? A lawyer who was so smitten with him or as dumb stupid lawyers do fall in love with their clients would do. His treatment is not inhumane at all. The problem with his father is that he to is an enabler.

    Don’t you think it’s time to tell the complete story as to why he was placed on solitary confinement and was to have no contact with the outside? He may be out of solitary confinement but it may not mean that dear old enabler dad and mom are able to see him just yet.

    It was a complete shame that they went on this campaign knowing full well what their son did as they say the “affluent think that they have different rules than the common folks”.

  8. He is where he belongs despite the fact that he had advantages up the ying-yang. I’d like to hear the WHOLE STORY about why he’s in solitary, not just what his dad wants the public to hear. And, it wasn’t just a small drug offense that landed Cameron in prison in the first place — he was a big time DEALER who, I’m sure, completely destroyed many lives by the time he was put away. Throw away the key on this one, Janet.

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