An astute reader has a contact at the O2 Arena in the UK where Michael Jackson has scheduled 50 concerts from July to September and January thru February. (That’s a staggering amount of performances for someone who’s often seen in a wheelchair.) The source says that everyone at the arena has been warned that no one backstage, crew or fans, can TOUCH Michael because he is delicate. The best part is that Michael will still be paid for his concerts even if he FAILS to complete his contract due to illness! What are the odds of him NOT becoming ill? He won’t allow an O2 doctor to examine him. The arena is starting to worry that they will be empty for many of these nights. How Michael gets away with all this is a miracle.


  1. He survived 50 nose jobs so I think he can survive 50 concerts where he’s going to lip sync like Shitney Spears.

  2. he should be in jail and “his” kids are going to need a lifetime of psychiatrists for the weird upbringing he is giving them; I only hope he is not molesting them too.

  3. This concert tour may be his last big fiasco. It is never going to happen, and there will be controversy and lawsuits, and endless coverage on Entertainment Tonight. By that time only the certifiable will give a crap.

  4. I wouldn’t look out my window to watch him grab his crotch for free!! He’s nothing but a used up bleached freakazoid child molester baby buyer!!!

  5. they invented: “THE WHEELCHAIR”, folks!!

  6. Janet your ‘astute reader is full of rubbish I’m afraid. I am a concert promotor in London and mark my words, NO cntract would ever be written allowing a performer to be paid for a ‘no show’, regardless of the circumstances. The risk is too much to bear given the costs of running the building and the potential legal ramifications. Before you publish these untruths a little research could save your fans from being misled.

  7. Ouch Janet. Pippa St JS served you but good.

  8. Sorry, but this whole story is nonsense. It was confirmed by AEG officials that Michael Jackson was forced to undergo a mandatory 50-point comprehensive medical exam before they could secure concert insurance for even the first night, and he passed each check without any problems and was deemed in well enough physically to perform the contractual number of dates. He also has one day of rest between each performance, and since it is in the same location every day it won’t be as grueling as a world tour.
    The “don’t touch him” angle doesn’t hold true either. He has always been thin as a rail but that doesn’t mean he’s frail (although his routine disguises including wheelchairs and masks surely don’t help his image). Many celebrities have commented after meeting him how surprised they were by how physically strong he really is. “If you see him, a lot of people think of him as you know, more of a frail kind of person. Dude walks in, he’s a big guy, he’s got a strong handshake. -Corbin Bleu 2008” I bet we’ll see one song involving personal fan interaction just as he has done in all of his other concerts (i.e., She’s Out of My Life).

  9. He’d better get some good superglue so his nose doesn’t fall off during the performances.

  10. I’m sure that nobody female or over the age of 12 is allowed to touch him. He should be in prison.

  11. INSIDERS say he’s been working hard on a huge opening number in the style of Maurice Chevalier, called “THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE BOYS.”

  12. Oh, and WHATEVER his true physical condition, it is well known that his finances are a wreck. It was only after the huge pre-sale receipts for the London concerts that he had some liquidity again — and promptly went shopping — replacing a lot of the crap he’s just lost under forced auction. SHOPPING seems to be the priority here, not preparing for the concert run. Since he’s ALREADY BEEN paid for work yet to be performed, you can bet that the promoters will be white-knuckling it EVERY NIGHT during the expected drama to get him on stage.

  13. I think the concert promoters, and the rest involved in the business side of the tour are just in it for the publicity – they know the thing is never getting off the ground. There is more than one way to make a buck.

  14. Given the fact he’s always covered up & if nobody can get near him – who’s to say it will be Jacko on stage? Or a good impersonator? Just a thought..

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