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Before the Jolie-Pitt family left Los Angeles for the South of France, Brad had a special experience with three year old Zahara. We told you Brad likes to spend time ALONE with each of his children to give them special attention. Brad took Zahara to The Grove to visit the American Girl store. When he walked in the salesgirls silently swooned. Brad took Zahara upstairs and had her pick out her first American Girl doll – a Bitty Baby doll that looked just like her with the same skin and hair color. It comes with a little book. Afterward he took Zahara out for her favorite ice cream and more bonding. Nice daddy, huh?



  1. ……..a boy who wants to be a man some day, NO FAGGOT!!

  2. well, obviously Zahara is his favorite. we never hear about him spending any ALONE time with Shiloh and when we see Shiloh her wonderful mother is holding her.
    I think Angelina is the better parent. Obviously. She’s also the cooler person. the real deal and not a fake humanitarian like her boyfriend. She doesn’t even have a publicist like the other fakers in la la land

  3. This cheating fornicator will be judged in the end days and it will not be a good outcome.

  4. Geez, Brad is not a cheater. His ex wife was selfish, and just wanted a career for herself, no family.

  5. Oh, he could be my Daddy.
    Daddy Braddy.

  6. What about Brad’s quote about the time he was drunk and his daughter Zahara started choking on an ice cube and he was barely coherent enough to stop her from choking? Yep, I’d love him to be my Daddy too.

  7. Again, it’s just called being a Dad-nothing extra great about it. My husband always does stuff like that with our kids. Does he get a mention and kudos in the gossip rags?

  8. I’m happy to hear Brad Pitt is a good dad. I hope he’s a good dad all the time and not just when the cameras are snapping pictures.

  9. A pretend scenario: Brad and Ang are a married couple and want to adopt. Would he have picked out Zahara out of all the zillions of orphans in Africa or whereever? NO.

  10. I think this picture is like almost a year old. I remember seeing it way back when!

  11. I think this picture is like almost a year old. I remember seeing it way back when!

  12. I think this picture is like almost a year old. I remember seeing it way back when!

  13. Both Angelina and Brad appear to be great parents. People who want to have kids should, and those who don’t, shouldn’t. I can’t imagine Jen being a warm and loving involved parent. She is too neurotic, and she shouldn’t have lied to herself and Brad about her desire to have kids.

  14. Miss Z is a terror and spoiled brat, cruel to the other children. We got a Naomi hitter in the making here.

  15. Oh brother 10:48 you need to quit with such silly biased assumptions. Naomi is a junkie this child is just three years old!!

  16. So what’s news here? A parent spending time with his kid? woo hoo!
    I think these two (the man-eater and the wimp) are frauds. Each kid has a nanny and when in public, they insist on holding their own orphans.
    Brad – dude, what happened to your balls?
    These two are fraud majors! Poor kids, they had no choice.
    I still love Michael Douglas’ statement. Brad’s standing around holding Angelina’s orphans. Too true. Too funny.

  17. 4:47 PM: He still has balls, but they are lop-sided from holding those kids on one hip. Even hottie Brad can get boring; and Ang doesn’t like boring. No one, no one, tells her what to do. She calls the shots and he knows it and likes it most of the time.

  18. If I never see his completely average face again, it would be too soon. And the dude couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. Ditto for Skelator, his spouse.

  19. Someone explain to me why armpitt is supposed to be gorgeous. I dont get it.

  20. Hey’ME’ of 1:11 AM….I feel the same way. He is one lucky SOB to be called a movie star, when he has just average cute looks. He smokes, cigs and weed and is not a great actor. Some are just born under a lucky star. How Angelina and that ho-monger traveled to all the 3rd world countries and not get a deadly bacteria shows he was just born lucky. God Almighty sees his sins of fornication, etc. and will step in at the appropriate time.

  21. How silly a man takes a child to get a doll and he is a great father. Wow our standards for fatherhood have fallen. That man is not hot. Just because you say he is does not make it so. And I believe it is Abgie whi is not making time for her children . She gets Pax and leaves the next day to film a movie. Perhaps Jen didn’t want to screw up kids with this kind of life. Hmmmmmm

  22. So because Brad Pitt is good looking that makes everyone want to be his kid? You’re joking right?
    For one thing, I think you have a problem if you find your father desirable, and secondly, if good looks is the only thing required to be of good lineage, then why are there sooo many screwed up kids in Hollyweird??? (just askin..).

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