This has been the number one subject in Hollywood this week, and five days after the murder we still don’t know much. From day one, the police suspected it was a deliberate hit instead of a random act, and nothing they’ve discovered has changed that assumption. But why wouldn’t an assassin TRY to cover up the motive and make it LOOK like a robbery? The Beverly Hills police are scrutinizing the videos they picked up from sources near the killing, but they’re dead silent. It’s interesting that the BH police have refused help offered from other agencies and insist they will solve the crime themselves. (Granted, they don’t get many opportunities to solve crimes in that town.) Everybody assumes there’s a juicy story behind this murder – involving big money, ego, sex, who knows WHAT. Did Ronni harbor a piece of volatile information? TMZ seems to have dropped the ball on this one – with all their legal connections, we’d expect SOMETHING. The New York Post says Ronni told a friend last year that she thought someone was “following her.” Do any of you readers have a story about Ronni you want to share, or a theory, or actual information?


62 thoughts on “WHO KILLED RONNI CHASEN?

  1. Supposedly she was shot by someone in another car while stopped at a red light on Sunset and Whittier. It makes sense that she was stopped at the time, but I’m puzzled as to how she managed to make a left and drive a couple of blocks down Whittier before crashing.

    There’s also mention of recovering “a bullet”. Where are the rest of them?

  2. nothing is simple!!!
    paper!Plates + 4door!Sedan
    its hollow point bullets??????
    small rifle with revolver ammo????
    can someone trace a hollow-point to a
    barrel precisely if there is also a
    scope? like did a gun butt smash
    in the other window before a
    driver drives to the poll?

  3. if it is a PRO, why the lack of
    a silencer for the very gun in
    question, whether it be handgun
    or small rifle. was there a very
    stable platform? IF HOLLOW*POINT
    this changes how the murder was
    done. someone is brazen. poor
    virginia hill, and all that has
    happened since the late 1940s.
    someone was trying to have a gang
    being blamed if hollowpoints are
    the TYPE of bullets. hollowpoints
    modify themselves over a distance.
    not that i am peter gunn era always.

  4. every crime since the black dahlia
    and poor sharron tate should be looked
    at as to the M.O if someone is older in
    the way they think and see things…

  5. one of ronnie chasssens auld bosses was MGM
    as in management style circa the era AFTER
    the big and great LOUIE BEE MAYOR….

  6. MGM once went bankrupt.
    MGM once had a heyday.
    MGM was once MGM in full.

  7. the black dahlia may be before someone’s time.
    sharon tate is of an era that is more recent.

  8. hollowpoints could imply three guys
    and sniper’s rifles. the bullets morph
    when going a distance in the air…

  9. is bigwig producer paul cohen who went nashville kin?

    there is a henry in the early fifties and
    several NY state plagarism cases in decca
    terms. ronnie’s kin are NYC and NY state?
    i dare not opine LEONARD COHEN and who “lil
    ole” bob dylan filtched poetry from in the 60s!

    lets ignor mickey C and things burlesque…

  10. http://www.biographicon.com/view/s2ikc here is a guy who anticipates the roraring 20s who
    bob D may have copied directly or indirectly.
    ronni chasen was the publicists’s publicist.
    her old boss was the son of an oscar winner in
    the 1930s for his lyrics and songs. go figure.

    anyone from jessica tandy to today’s pop rock people
    could be WHy this is done. janet jackson and
    CHER knew her. this is lousy… if the bullets
    except for one are hollow-point or dum-dum
    and we can debate degrees of bullet-proof glass or not or if its an open window that
    is then closed and hit by the butt of a gun or
    if its a team of killers with snipers rifles insted of a flash-mob on scooters… by the time
    this is all in a court house, its like the warren commission verses one’s favorite theory…

    thinking of JFK, he could have had four hollowpoint wounds on his body, and two
    hollowpoint bullets meeting in his upper cranium, hense his skull being sent backwards
    after his body goes forwards. they said he had
    a backbrace. if the governor of texas was hit
    by three or four bullets himself, as in one in the lung, one in the wrist and two in the thigh
    or something like that, was the superbullet
    the one that goes through his lung to end up on the stretcher as he + jfk were shot at by four or five seperate marksmen, some with scopes and silencers? small rifles and big revolvers can morph into each other if there is big money wanting a major hit. ronni chasen’s
    death is like that of JFK, and bugsy seigal.

  11. could degrees ofbullet-proof glass deflect a gun
    positioned into doing a sure headshot into
    one that leaves fragments of a hollowpoint
    in the poor woman’s sholder or torso/chest?

  12. whittier + sunset on the 16th have TWO non-working
    traffic cameras, hense the hackett estate’s
    cameras and footage being relied on totally.

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