whitneyh_rayj2cut_011507_03.jpgIt’s not over between Whitney Houston and her young boyfriend Ray J. His x-rated video with Kim Kardashian was just a bump in the road and the couple is back on track. Friends say the romance is definitely on and they continue to spend a lot of time together. Whitney’s recent meal with her ex Bobby Brown was strictly business. Everyone feels Ray is a good influence in helping Whitney stay sober. Ray is also helping Whitney with her comeback album and they recorded a song together “It’ll Be OK” for a project of HIS. Since they were mobbed by photographers recently when they dined at Madeo’s, they’re only going to out of the way places or staying at home together. Whitney’s not in the mood for big public scenes yet.

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  1. Any real resturant in Hollywood would have a private entrance (a tunnel) where in which celebrities can get in and out of their cars without the papparri attacking them with flash bulbs. I think if I were Whitney Houston, I think they would have been better off going thru the drive thru at Taco Bell. But, like she say – she’s not into the media frenzy at the moment and MY NEW ALBUM HAS YET TO BE RELEASED…
    Heck, we don’t care about her album, but when’s her sex video with this dude going to be coming out !!

  2. Whitney cannot make a come back because her voice is shot to pieces. Anyone who has heard the “Family First” cut from the movie “Norbit” would have to agree. Pity for she HAD the stuff of legends at one time. She can’t even rely on touring like say Diana Ross who’s article I see got 80 comments btw. I am sorry that it’s ended like this for Whitney.

  3. she’s got a lot of making up and making over to do…she’s a total wreck…

  4. you idiot…whitney is not dating ray j. fucking retard. she is a good friend of brandy and has agreed for ray j to produce a track for her. the whole family is friends with whitney.

  5. Great career move for a no-name loser who has 4 albums that have been ignored and a manufactured sex-tape “scandal” in the works to prop up the lack of interest in his life. I can’t wait to NOT see his next album on the charts. As for Whitney – it’s nice to see that once again, another woman is pretending that “her man kept her down”. Her and Bobby are TWO coke-heads who enabled each other, now she, like Tina Turner is pretending that she was always an angel while her male counterpart did all the evil. I can’t wait to not buy her new album as well. As a matter of fact, remind me to download it. As far as Clive Davis goes; he most likely introduced her to cocaine in the early days, as he has quite a nasty habit as well; which is what I’ve heard from someone who used to work with him. That persons job was to line up coke and boys for Clive whenever the mood hit him. Nice guy, now he’s “helping” Whitney…

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