We couldn’t help falling in love with the sweet 1959 Goggomobil featured in Collector’s Weekly. Less that 67,000 of these German microcars were produced between 1957 and 1969. They’re ten feet long, have a two cylindar engine with a top speed of 52 MPH, BUT they get between 50 and 55 miles to the gallon! That leaves Smart cars and Mini Coopers in the dust! Note the two tone paint job and artistic use of chrome – not to mention the suicide doors. A guy named Justin Pinchot made this video about his new acquisition, and wonders why Detroit can’t come up with a vehicle as cute and thrifty as this one. Jay Leno must be licking his chops.

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  1. Soo cute, retro and futuristic looking at the same time.

    I’m almost to scared to ask “suicide doors?”

  2. American, you’re so lucky they let you play in the computer room.
    Are you in Saskatchewan? Moose Jaw? Gov’t funded?

  3. I absolutely LOVE this car. Why do we all drive such copycat drab vehicles anyway? I am a mid Century design fan, just like Janet, and had the first vintage clothing store in my city. This is my dream car.

  4. Very pretty car but I would also like to know, what are suicide doors?

  5. Totally squeal-worthy, cute car. Reminds me of my favourite car: Nissan Figaro. Not available in N.America but seen in England, Japan and Europe.

  6. Too darling for words!!! I’m taking a guess at the suicide doors, if you look closely, the doors seem to open the opposite way we are all used to, where the handle is toward the engine in the front rather than the trunk in the back. I hope that helps.
    The only flaw I can see in this cutie pie is the top speed, which for a leadfoot like me is a real bummer, but it IS just too too cute for words and I wonder why they made so few of them.
    Also I want to say I HATE the cars of today. Even the expensive ones. They just all look exactly alike, I can’t tell them apart at all, and they’re all hideous! I’d love to see the makers go back to making cars with some style, chrome, fins, and trippy cool tail lights.

  7. Suicide doors open so the door is behind you when exiting, not in front of a person. So suicide–an oncoming car will hit you first before the door.

  8. SOMEBODY would be smart as hell to capitalize on us baby boomers and produce a bunch of these adorable little cars for all of us that are sick to death to the ugly same same sameness of todays hideous cars. With new engines they could make the go faster too, but I’ll bet they’d have a long line piling up for these as soon as it was announced they were going to make them.

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