We applaud The Village Voice for their continuous reporting on Scientology defections. Musician Placido Domingo Jr (son of the opera singer) was a member of Scientology for 20 years until the church tried to make him “disconnect” from his ex-wife and three daughters. (That means cut all ties with them.) His wife had left the church and was considered and “enemy.” When outraged Domingo refused to disconnect, the church persuaded members to “de-friend” him on Facebook, and published a blog detailing personal information he had confided to the church about his life – including infidelity. Domingo said of his experience: “If I can get other people not to fall into this trap, I’d be doing them a favor.”

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  1. I was waiting for Janet to post this. Read it earlier this morning. Isn’t this scary? What kind of “religion” does this kind of thing? Only a CULT would intimidate and betray a member or former member.

    Can you imagine Cruise or Travolta wanting to get out of the creepy cult and having all of their secrets pour out of their closets (insert snicker here)????

    Perhaps the scientology CULT is using this as an added reminder to the big money supports that this is what can happen if you try to escape. They have everyone by the short hairs.

  2. I wonder just how many people (not just celebrities) that would like to get out of this CULT but are trapped and scared of the obvious repercussions??

  3. @Walt

    I totally agree, these cults unfortunately prey on weak minded individuals who assume they are getting spiritual guidance while being bilked. Truly a sham & a shame.

  4. I’ve written this before, and now, yet again. Three years ago, we went into the Scientology Centre in Clearwater, Florida, making them think we thought it was a hotel. There were cameras everywhere. When told it was not a hotel, we left and were followed for two blocks to our car by two goons; I was terrified. As we rounded the corner to leave, about two dozen age twenty-somethings came around the corner single-file with a blank look on their face. Since this incident, I have read many articles on SCI and wonder how anyone, celeb or not, could ever get mixed up in this. I’m convinced if any big-name celebs ever wanted out, they would make their life miserable, even to death threats.

  5. @Indy,

    Dang Indy, that’s scary. That would scare me and infuriate me!

  6. There’s a lot of mysterious deaths — reported in mainstream press as suicides — among many “creative” types in both Hollywood and New York. All of these were people who had attempted to leave the cult after discovering it wasn’t just a friendly “self help” movement. Scary, indeed. (I doubt very much that the loved ones of these “suicides” have much but questions, horror and probably intimidation themselves, just attempting to understand how/why their loved ones died.

  7. This is why so many closeted Hollywood gays are in this cult, if they leave they will be outted. Jennifer Lopez and her lesbian affairs, Travolta and Cruise and their many gay affairs…it will all be out there. It’s extortion really. I don’t know why the government isn’t all over this.

  8. Why would any of them go into this to begin with if this is the truth? Why aren’t the ploice or FBI or CIA all over this? This and other “churches” need to lose all non tax free status immediately! And all people threatened by them need to come forward and testify and document what has happened to them.

  9. @Reta,

    Personally, I don’t consider scientology to be a religion. A religion is not a cult. Cults are bad. No doubt about it. In addition, I know you would probably disagree but not all churches are bad.

    I consider scientology to have the money, strength, and charm of the mafia. People are afraid to come forward . Plus, the scientologists are careful to work within the lines of the law. Trying to “prove” some of the bad things that this cult does, “could possibly” result in problems, hardships or much worse for the person who comes forward.

  10. I hope Mr. Domingo sues the Church of Scientology for smearing him and divulging the contents of his purportedly confidential files.

  11. I think it’s interesting that the report came out today that Travolta donated 10% of the foundation’s income that he started for his son that passed away. They say that is thousands of dollars. No idea what the foundation is or does or how it gets money but that he donated 10% must mean that they have some pretty good gossip on him he wants to keep locked up.

  12. I should have been more clear. He donated the 10% to Scientology.

  13. If people didn’t have so many secrets this cult would have no hold over them. Live a clean life and you have nothing to fear. It truly is a cult and only the gullible would fall for it. It’s 2011, does anybody care who is gay or not? It’s ridiculous.

  14. “Stealing in the Name of the Lord”.
    Back in the late 70’s, there were the “faithful” that followed Jim Jones to Ghana and to their deaths. Learning as we grow, there is an expiration date on friendship and fellowship.when it starts moving into another direction than was expected. When a lifelong friendship is No longer the friendship that you “always though” it to be, and when fellowship becomes a means of control, and Not the messages of “The Word”,
    then it is time to re-evaluate and chose another place of worship. Sometimes, we become used to things as they are, and end up in denial that where we are, is No longer where we Need to be. Can I get a witness??

  15. on the brink of committing suicide, folks.

  16. Govt to busy stealing, lying, killing cults themselves.

  17. It is all about control and telling some one else how to live there life is completely wrong and it is no one Business if you drop something you no longer..Believe in and if you don’t see eye to eye in all directions that means that you simply don’t agree with the program and that means you nolonger feel at home and you nolonger want to spend time with the people in that program and her husband Believes in the program and simply want to stay but no one has no right to control or tell some one what to do with there life and if they keep playing this head games it is going to be a problem down the road?

  18. “place of worship” being the key phrase there Leo. It seems these CO$ con artists of epic proportions, must somehow practice their “craft” in ways that have been so evil….using the law to turn on itself leaving victims no voice. That my government, the United States of America, can not find enough teeth in the law to prevent this to the extent that this “church” cannot be taxed; when it has been proven by documented evidence and Hubbards own writing, that the “church” aspect was added to the literature at the same time they were being investigated for TAX FRAUD — says to me, a regular person — that this CULT has POWER in AMERICA. It sickens to think of the scope.

  19. A true church would never act the way these idiots in Scientology do. When I was a kid, one of my neighbors was “interviewed” to see if she was the right material to be a member of their “church”. I was probably 9 or 10, but even then I knew that good churches let anyone come in at any time to worship. Scientology is a cult and no matter how they tapdance or try to sugarcoat it, it is a CULT, and have brainwashed their members so badly they may never be normal.

  20. Leo,

    Jim Jones’ mass murder took place in Guyana, in South America, not Ghana.

    Don’t forget the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX.

  21. Congratulations on getting out, Placido Jr. Hire bodyguards.

  22. This is an organization which is rotten from the top. It is a multi level marketing operation disguised as a quasi-religion self-help group. They will stoop to any means of separating their “members” from their money.

  23. I agree, but according to the Pied Piper and his PC’ers, Gay is Better than OK.

    “By Just sayin”
    On July 11, 2011 at

    “This is why so many closeted Hollywood gays are in this cult, if they leave they will be outted. Jennifer Lopez and her lesbian affairs, Travolta and Cruise and their many gay affairs…it will all be out there. It’s extortion really. I don’t know why the government isn’t all over this.”

  24. I am sorry but Cruise and Travolta were young when they went into this, Mimi Rogers was married to Cruise and pulled him in. But most, like Lopez were old enough and I knew the cult would help their careers, and were more than happy to sell their souls for the money and faith the cult could provide. No pity for them.

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