We didn’t realize how serious “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen is about marrying his girlfriend Brooke Mueller. Of course that $500,000 ring was persuasive, but we knew he REALLY meant it when he promised Brooke he’d get rid of ALL his tattoos! Brooke has always hated Charlie’s twelve tattoos (he removed his exwife Denise’s name from his wrist awhile ago.) Among his not-so-tasteful his skin art are a dragon with eyeglasses, a burning Marlboro cigarette, an open zipper with an eyeball peeking out, and a note pinned to his chest saying “back in 15 minutes.” Every few weeks Charlie visits a doctor to go through the painful removal process and there won’t be a wedding until he’s finished.

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  1. she better be real careful with this dude he might have more that meets the eye if you know what i mean.

  2. She sounds like a controlling c*nt. And he’s a hot mess. I give them 4 months post-nuptials.

  3. Sounds like a smart girl to me! Stick to your guns, girl.
    Maybe that’s why he’s crazy about her–she’s not his usual run of the mill dummy/bimbo.

  4. So…
    He married a whore, who seems bent on dragging him through the mud, no matter the consequences to their children…
    And now he’s moving heaven and earth (okay, laser tattoo removal

  5. Before he marries again he should find a doctor who can pull Charlie’s head out of his own ass.

  6. All these stupid women who try to change Charlie. They all end up regretting it. He will not change.

  7. Nice romantic thought but totally off the mark. He stated ages ago – when he hit 40 – that the tattoos had to go; an age and maturity (tee hee hee, this is Charlie Sheen remember!) thing, nothing to do with the latest fool of a woman whose gotten involved with him but a nice idea if it had been true, but it ain’t!

  8. Charlie = cokehead whore-hopper
    Denis= cokehead whore
    If anyone thinks he’s changed they have a screw loose.

  9. What does Janet have to say about him touching his daughters inappropriately as x17 is claiming?

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