We'll Miss Peter Boyle

As JCH mourns the passing of Peter Boyle, noted actor most known for his role as the father in Everybody Loves Raymond, we would like to recall this amusing story from 2003 –
Ray Romano‘s been having a long term argument with the rest of the cast – about snoring! Overworked Ray has been falling asleep right on the set in his chair during rehearsals. His costars Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, and Peter Boyle accused him of loud snoring but Ray refused to believe them, claiming he does NOT snore. To prove their point, Brad, Patricia, and Peter waited for Ray to nod off and recorded his loud snorts and honks. They played it back for him and Patricia declared “You sound like a chorus of trained bears!” Ray was shocked to hear that he snored at full volume while sitting up in a chair!

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2 thoughts on “We'll Miss Peter Boyle

  1. He needs Breath Right strips! They changed my life. I haven’t slept so well (and snored less) in 25 years).

  2. Peter Boyle was a great actor. What a great ensemble cast they had!

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