of October. The exclusive membership-only place serves cocktails made with Cointreau (Dita is their spokesperson) and tapas. The decor is Victorian boudoir-ish and naughty like Dita’s burlesque act. Mischa Barton and her model friend Irina Lazareanu showed up for the opening.

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  1. There is a very strange dimple on Barton’s hip, just under the line of her shorts. Liposuction?

  2. An exclusive Members Only establishment, you say?

    Well, with “members” like that brassy-haired, drug-addled, has-been.. Mischa Barton, we’re not missing much.

    As for that bubble-headed, snaggle-toothed ‘model’ Lazareanu? She was engaged to Pete Doherty… TWICE! (what does THAT tell you?)

  3. Oooo! Sebastian… You might on to something there.

    I was wondering how she lost those ‘thunder thighs’ overnight.

    And here I thought it was the Coca. Silly me!

  4. Palermo, she takes her clothes off to music and bathes in a giant champagne glass. Can you do that? Can you? Huh? Huh?

    Don’t question one of the geniuses of our times!

  5. Pippa, I’m thinking about Marilyn Mason naked have sex with Dita Von Teese and it’s hard for me to keep my dinner down.

  6. Pippa and Lenny, you know what they say: everyone has a little devil in them once in a while.

  7. A one-month bar is just a way to scam a lot of money out of very stupid people…but it is likely to work.

  8. Sebastian, you have no idea what I can do. However, I am not stuck in a time warp and don’t think it’s still the 40s, with my chalk white face, red lips and hairstyle that hasn’t been updated.

  9. Palermo, that is part of her genius.

    She is a GENIUS I say.

    Splitting the atom or curing cancer pales in comparison to dropping one’s panties on the down beat.

    You just don’t know!

  10. Mischa Barton, who would go to the opening of an envelope, is the best that Dita could do? Hopefully her guest list will be upgraded. Oh and are you sure Irina isn’t really Pete Doherty in drag? The resemblance is remarkable.

  11. Denise, hahahah…Canada apologizes for foisting that on the world. At least she did not bring that troll Sean Lennon with her.

  12. True, Mischa is a druggie and Dita is a high class you know what.

    Drugs whores the same old same old all over the world.

  13. A one month bar? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Seems like an easy way to conduct SERIOUS criminal and immoral business, doesn’t it? Not that I would turn down an invitation or anything. LOL

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