You have to admit the cover of the New York Post is totally funny, BUT we want to remind you, not truthful. We are here to tell you for the umpteenth time that JENNIFER BROKE UP WITH BRAD before he started filming Mr & Mrs Smith with Angelina. Yes, he was heartbroken as he started the movie – he and Jen were discussing when and how to announce the divorce. The divorce was filed BEFORE Brad started up with Angelina. He did not cheat on Jennifer and she never wanted him back. It was Jennifer’s decision to break up. THAT is the unglamorous TRUTH! We do feel awfully sorry for Jennifer, who has never been vindictive, and must be bombarded by reporters. She should leave the country fast.



  1. Poor Jen, been playing the victim for 20 years. Without Brad the boring TV actress would have no career.

  2. This would have to be a Janet exclusive as I have never heard this in any other source. In fact, Jennifer gave interviews to the contrary.

  3. Yes they were having problems AND remember the vacation they took (with Courtney Cox and her DH) prior to BP starting the movie? He was pulling away because JA didn’t want kid,s just quite yet, i.e. her career. She was pissed over his sluggish dope ways.

    Anyway that was the shlock spoon fed to us. Oy..all they people make the bed they sleep in.

  4. She has got to be sick of the Brad and Jen drumbeat after so many years have passed and she’s moved on to a truly happy life. She did break up with him first and has handled everything with such class, as has Brad Pitt.

  5. Really, does anyone actually care who broke up with who? It’s over! Why the need to continue to explain? Both moved on and married others. When will this NONstory go away? Do people think that Jen is going to leave her current hubby to try and get Brad back now that he’ll be free? Heck no!

    I was in a relationship with a heavy pot smoker when I was in my 20’s, and it was a drag (pun intended). I never imbibed, no interest in pot or drugs of any kind, not even alcohol. Just not my thing. Someone who smokes pot everyday never evolves past the age they started. So if it was someone who was 17 when they started smoking pot a lot, at age 35 they’re still like a 17 year old emotionally.

    Drugs do affect relationships and yes I’m not excluding alcohol. Any substance abused can and will affect relationships. Mr. Pitt may be a handsome man and a fine actor, but that doesn’t mean he’s a worthy life partner.

  6. The REAL truth is this:

    Brad and Jen went to some tropical island to ‘work out’ their problems. She agreed there were too many problems to continue staying hitched….so:

    He let her tell the press that she was the one that ended the marriage (so she would not lose face). The REAL truth is she did not want to lose the title of Hollywood’s Hottest Couple. She enjoyed it, but she could sense Brad was interested in another and agreed to the above.

  7. P.S.: Six kids to contend with, all rich, spoiled and totally different personalities.

    Constant non-stop traveling; kids have no permanent school, constantly being followed by paparazzi; directing, acting in their grade B movies. Not to mention Angie’s father (who should know) has called her mentally unstable. Whispers they both like to drink and drug .And, not to mention, the ladies throwing themselves at Brad.

    All the above contributes to F-up minds; Their multi millions cannot buy peace

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