16 thoughts on “VOTE NOW: WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

  1. But are her family really much better!?
    They could be the main reason she is such a mess now.

  2. Her parents aren’t hangers on, and her father, Jamie, has nothing to gain or lose – he makes no money in any way off of Britney, from management fees, endorsements, appearances, built-ins [like with her perfume] etc., unlike her mother. ‘The Terrible Two,’ i.e., Sam and Adnan, will do anything they can to keep sucking off the proverbial teet of Ms. Britney, literally and figuratively, until it has run dry or until they’re subpoened out of the state of California, whichever comes first.

  3. ‘I Can See Clearly’ – i agree with you. I firmly believe her parents have their hearts in the right place. I am 100% behind them.
    I do not trust Sam Lufti or Adnan.

  4. Just the fact that Britney is so far out of it that she hooked up with Adnan and Lufti is enough reason to keep her in the mental ward INDEFINITELY until she gets well, if she even can now. I don’t think her parents are the greatest, but that’s about all she has now. As to her little Sis getting knocked up, I think that is causing her mind to be even more screwed up. Needless to say, she should never have married K-Fed, how could she be so stupid.

  5. It sounds likely that Sam drugged Brit, and if reports are true about Sam crushing up Brit’s pills and putting them in her food, that would explain alot. Many prescription meds should NOT be crushed as they are slow release. To crush them slams your system with a BIG dose. Yes, Brit’s always been a flake, but if you look back she has been at her worst since Sam. Looks like he and Adnan belong to the same cult. For the record, “old” people like me remember this happening to Elvis. He was into drugs, depressed and couldn’t sleep. The leaches moved in and alienated him from the family and kept him drugged up while they tried to rob him blind and live off of him. And we all know how that ended up.

  6. The only people who have britneys best interest at heart, her father, little sis and the court. I believe with the courts help, the father is going to close down this circus, sell her house and move her away, where he can watch over her and get her the medical attention she needs.

  7. Papa Spears should consult with Martin Sheen, he has been there and done that.

  8. This whole situation has put the Fathers of the family on cue for doing the right thing and being manly men. Britney is twenty six. She chooses the slut lifestyle and got herself entangled in slut, smut, lust and immoratlity for her pleasure. She is lucky she does have parents who will try to get her out from the gutter and help her, but I know she will rebel and go right back into her vulgar ways to wallow like a happy pig in her vices and expose herself for fame once she is free and able to live on her own. No education or help will change those tainted spots of wantoness. She wants the easy, liberal way of flaunting herself without consequence. Those innocent sons of this ignorant slut will have to live with her vomit-barf immoral ambitions or stay safe with Daddy K-Fed.

  9. She’s apparently out of the looney bin now. It’s just a countdown until we read her obit. Sorry assed chick.
    Her docs should be ashamed of themselves. Give it 24 hours and she’ll be making retarded behavior moves again. Acck!

  10. Bi-polar, Schmi-polar…always an excuse for a slut being what she has been for years, a sex crazy (AC/DC) ho.

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