While trolling the internet for gift ideas we came across Vincent Gallo’s site where he seems to be cleaning house and selling everythng he doesn’t want any more -without having to pay eBay. We were amused to read that his childhood fantasy crushes included Tuesday Weld, Charlotte Rampling, and Susan Blakely, – we already knew he’s selling “fantasy nights ” with himself for $50,000. But besides the sex and sperm, Gallo is selling some collectible items from his closet. You can still buy the blue leather fringe punk rock jacket that Gallo bought in London when he was 16 for $2500. But it’s an extra-small. Other cool items include the Hopalong Cassidy bedspread that Gallo used on his bed for THIRTY YEARS (still available for $3000,) and his childhood Nixon campaign button which sold for $250. OUR favorite object was the inflatable Charles Manson doll that went for only $100.

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  1. Vincent Gallo always gives one something to talk about, that’s for sure.

  2. Your beating a dead horse Navarro!
    Take your pills and drink your tea buddy.

  3. Okay you little monkey…cum-ere.
    no pat no
    It’s okay..I got ya, turn around, don’t be afraid.
    no pat please…don’t!
    Hah, hah, OH Dave!
    Wiggle, squirm, cry, pat no please.
    Merry Christmas Dave and you too Janet doll!!!

  4. Even if this He Hag was dipped in a vat of bleach would I not touch him.And for $50,000 grand,Oh mary no.I got crabs just looking at his picture…..Oye Vey.

  5. I wish he would sell me that blow job he got in “Brown Bunny”. He ain’t no dummy though. He writes a script for him to star in where a babe sucks him off at the end! That’s what I call BRILLIANT! You da man Vincent!

  6. 2:36…MOM!!?
    What are you doing here!
    I was just tryin to wound that hot karl creature.
    Agreed, over the top. Sorry.

  7. This man is a nightmare!!!!!! Yes he was or still is crazy about me but I wouldn’t touch him with a 50,000 foot poll. Vincent, please for the love of god, stop with your fantasy crap. Show some dignity and class. This is coming from your childhood crush that you had for years! STOP being so nasty and grow up.


  8. Hi Tuesday – love your comments. Got any great old photos to show us? What’s new with you?

  9. Wasn’t Frank Sinatra boning Tuesday? Did Wilt Chamberlin or other BLACKS also pop her?

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