We wonder if Vince Vaughn’s trainer charges extra because Vince talks his ear off while they’re working out! A paparazzi secretly followed Vince on a jog recently and took a long series of photos as the two guys ran. What’s funny is, in nearly every frame Vince is pontificating on some subject and adamantly gesturing, while the trainer is just listening politely and kind of nodding his head in agreement. Vince has always been a talker who likes to verbalize his thoughts and he does get carried away, but we bet he’s pretty entertaining.


  1. he ‘s talking about his break-up with jen and what a story

  2. He’s a big sexy bi-sexual tweeking boozehound.
    Plus he’s one of the best comic actors in H’wood -have yall seen the Wedding Crashers? He’s fabulous!!!
    I’d do him, with 2 condoms.

  3. Never saw Wedding Crashers but, I’ve always thought that Owen Wilson would be a dead ringer for being Donald Trump in his “approved” auto biographical movie. I mean, seriously look at The Donalds early years and his Mop top hair style! LOL.
    Hey, wonder if Vince knows today is Friday and at Subway you can get the Tuna Sandwich meal deal for only $4.81, chips and coke, tax included in price. Gotta get those Omega 3’s… That’s where I’m heading after I get done posting this. Bon Apetite.

  4. I LOVE VINNY!!!!
    he’s adorabLe and HOTT.
    I be he could go all night long…multiple times. i’d take it up the rear for him
    and yes, that IS his trainer. he also trains a few other celebs.

  5. omg– i just met a guy the size of vince and hope he’s as good as i bet VINCE is……..

  6. That guy looks like Ari Sandel, the director of Vince’s Wild West Comedy Show documentary.

  7. I be he could go all night long…multiple times. i’d take it up the rear for him
    She has taken it up the rear from a lot scuzzier we are sure!

  8. OMG, that’s not his trainer. That’s whathisname who won an Oscar. The guy’s a director. LMAO but Vince Jesus

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