Poor little Paris Hilton. She’s going to feel awful the first time photographers shove her aside to get to Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. But the fact is, there’s a bigger photo-op in town . Victoria hasn’t even moved to LA yet and she’s already the number one paparazzi target. When Posh visited The Grove recently to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch she was allowed to break all the rules. The Grove is a walking mall – there are no cars allowed. But Posh got permission to have her big black Escalade driven right up to the store’s front door! No one had EVER seen a car on the mall walkway so it drew an enormous amount of attention. Shoppers came running to see WHO was in the car and clerks abandoned their stores to gape. What an entrance! Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Jessica , Paris, and Lindsay – all visit the mall on foot. LA is already treating Victoria like royalty.

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  1. sick!
    this town will only feed her ego.
    not her stomoach.

  2. She’s what? a has been Spice Girl, a wife to a good soccer player…oh, and a spoiled brat..whatever people..

  3. Hey!!
    Doesn’t she do commando exit shots too?
    Come on Poshy, it’s Hollywood, let er rip!
    Get her party goin on!!

  4. Maybe she’ll teach the slutty Paris, Britney and Lindsey a little about what it is to be a lady. L.A. needs her. It’s not her fault she’s filthy rich, beautiful and married to the most handsome guy on earth. I say welcome Posh, high five and more power to ya!

  5. even if she flashed her little english muffin, i bet tom wouldnt care.

  6. I hope she doesn’t have illusions and delusions of being the second coming of Princess Di to America…

  7. I love that we finally get to see a new face in the tabloids, I’m so sick off all the same repeats, ie: brangelina, beYAWNce and that insipid jayz. Finally a super good looking couple we can look at.

  8. Posh is hotter than Diana, any guy would pick Posh over some of the fat cows I see walking aroung L.A.

  9. Princess diana was not sexy and she was lacking class on top of it all. Airing out all her dirty laundry for the world to see. This world tends to romaticise those who die too soon, ie james dean, marilyn monroe and che guevara. Had madonna dies 25 yrs ago she would have joined their ranks but unfortunately all the memories we will now have of her is a desperate old woman clinging on to every trick she used in the past to propel her to superstardom.

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