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Val Kilmer’s next high school reunion he will be voted “most changed.” This recent photo from Washington DC is a startling contrast to the early photo. We hope he runs into his exgirlfriend Cher in DC because now SHE looks much younger than her former “boytoy.”


  1. Janet why are you so cruel about people’s looks?
    Look in the mirror before casting stones folks!!!

  2. Seems a little petty to focus on Mickey’s appearance in the face of his recent re-emergence as a serious talent. We all wish we could have the sculpted faces/bodies we once did.

  3. Val sweetums, maybe it’s time to ease up on the mashed-potatoes-and-gravy-on-white-bread-with-extra-mayo diet.

  4. Actually, Val probably looks a lot like other “normal” people his age. He didn’t chose to try to manipulate his body into looking preternaturally young, like Cher the Mummy has. I think SHE’s the one who looks awful. Maybe if Val cared about being a “movie star” he might have overindulged in plastic surgery as Cher has. I think he invested his time more in his children and his off-screen life and I betcha he’s more fulfilled than Cher is! He isn’t trying to be something he’s not.

  5. Boy has he aged badly. Maybe he could go on a diet or go the way of Mickey Rourke to get back on track. Either way I still like him as an actor.

  6. Interesting comment about Chastity… I always thought she didn’t look much Sonny and barely like Cher… hmmmmm, lovechild?

  7. ^^^ Yeah. But only if Val impregnated Cher when he was 7. On Topic: Kilmer looks like an albino walrus today. He and Alec Baldwin must be vying for “Most Repulsive Former Sex Symbol.”

  8. He has a reputation for being a legendary p*rick to work with, so right about now schadenfreude is being served up like cheesecake all over Hollywood. It’s character roles or nothin’ from here on out for former hunk Val.

  9. I liked his bunny slippers in “Real Genius” – even got a pair. However, it would appear by the picture on the left that he’s taking that whole bunny look to the next level. That, or his afternoon Starbucks caught him a little off-guard with a quick exit.

  10. I don’t care about his looks. I do worry about his interest in running for governor of NM. He is totally unqualified for the job.

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