Talk about re-inventing yourself! We’ve been obsessed with this stunning transformation ever since this early photo of Prince turned up. As a teen he looked almost beefy and athletic, but with a hint of attitude. He even sports the adams apple and thick neck of a tough guy. Certainly, fashion was NOT his middle name in those days. How did he go from street-wise to “pretty?” Granted, he has pared down his weight, and tamed his coiffure, but there HAS to be more than weight loss and grooming involved in this fascinating evolution. Is that nose a teensy bit more refined? We love Prince and welcome any information on this delicious phenomenon!

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28 thoughts on “U GOT THE LOOK

  1. i hate prinze…or what ever symbol he is……it makes me sick looking at him…im ashamed to be gay because of him!…im ashamed to be human because of him!!….GROSSS…GROSSS…..he just sucked too much cock Janet…..thats why he looks the way he does!!!

  2. I like the old Prince. His style now is too fem.

  3. Prince is sexy no mattah what….and what is with all the foul writing…so klassless man….grow up

  4. Prince has had work done.
    However, I would love his diet secrets…

  5. Um, take your potty mouth elsewhere. How old are you? 12? We are not impressed.

  6. He has been vegetarian for years now, doesn’t drink enough to mention, no smoking, etc., all that helps you stay looking young. He’s just gorgeous naturally! His eyes are SO dreamy, sex and hypnotizing.
    There never have been rumors about him having any surgery, at least since he ‘made it’.

  7. All I can say is, well, he looks so . . . different.

  8. About his look, as a teen Prince did not wear makeup or high heels nor did he straighten his hair- these three things would account for his dramatic change in look, before and after.
    But.. he’s always been super teeny tiny…..

  9. some of you sound like fools…prince is beautiful…he simply got enough money to better himself…his talent alone is enough to make him a GOD !!!!

  10. he didn’t do his nose…he lost weight and tweezed his eyebrows

  11. No nose job, he just changed as he got older. The angle and lighting on the first pic isn’t the best either. Nose jobs can change your ‘sound’, don’t think he’d ever take a chance with that.

  12. He’s an interesting guy that’s for sure. It looks like a nose job but who knows. I hear the same about Jolie, and I can never tell if it’s true. When faces change/look better, it’s usually more than just lighting. Even the smallest nip or trim.

  13. Lighting and camera angles can do so much…it’s not fair to judge with these two shots.

  14. The angle from the shots are completely different, one from below – making it look bigger, one from a higher angle coupled with makeup to make it look thinner. Of all the prince gossip out there I don’t think he’s ever had this nose done.

  15. There is some HEAVY ignorance goin on here…that 1st pic is from his high school yearbook…!!!! c’mon do any adults look like they did in high school pics..??? now imagine if they turned into prince !!? dont be so shallow minded !!

  16. I,ve known (only slightly) Himself since age 17 .. Tiny Musical Genius who looks very fragile.. The “before” pic might be a wig ..He was a paleman in an afro wig ..I doubt your pic is Roger Nelson..

  17. The point is Prince looks fragile and delicate. Who knows if he just tweezes his brows and uses a lot of hairspray.
    The look doesn’t work, but hey, he doesn’t need my advice.

  18. First, Prince is not gay. Never was gay. He is very in touch with his feminine side as a part of is whole good vs. evil, duality of personality, Gemini thing. Second, of course he looked more athletic in high school, he was on the basketball and football teams. Third, he’s known for marathon studio and jamming seesions and can go for days without eating or sleeping, just playing. Finally, that looks like the same nose to me from different angles.

  19. That’s not prince. It looks like a picture of his father.

  20. All other things aside, he plays a mean ass guitar!!
    Let’s focus on what is important here.

  21. Oh yeah, his talent can’t be argued with. He’s pretty much not gay, whatever, it doesn’t matter. He does dress that way…

  22. If you’ve paid attention to him the last few years, he’s worn mostly suits or stylish tunics/slacks. Some of the styles, old and new, are meant to lengthen his look. Here are some lyrics from the song “Days of Wild” that address his style:
    “…Tennis shoes and caps, now that’s phat
    Up until the day another wanna laugh behind your back
    Sayin’ we all look the same
    God bless America, home of the brave
    I’d rather dress 2 make a woman stare
    I’m puttin’ on somethin’ that another won’t dare
    It’s a freezer burn compared 2 cool
    If U still got loot, then who’s the fool?
    Everybody wanna take the stand
    Mind your own motherfucker, let a man be a man
    I’ma tear shit up y’all, that’s my style
    These are the days of wild – put’em up!…”

  23. Prince, thank you for NO baseball caps or baggy ghetto pants.

  24. Prince did wear high-heeled
    boots back in the day when he was 19 and 20. He went from afro to a perm and press and go hair. I know cause I was there.

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