It had to happpen – Tyra Banks has developed a fanatical following of girl fans who want to be JUST LIKE HER! The studio where Tyra films her talk show is right next door to The Grove shopping mall in LA. On taping days groups of girls around 18 to 20 years old can be seen strolling around in packs of 4 or 5. They come in all skin colors and they wear tight jeans and layered tank tops with a big belt, ballet flats, and flat-ironed hair – just like Tyra. Mall salespeople have dubbed them “The Tyra Girls.” The girls are regulars in Tyra’s audience and usually they can be heard discussing the last show they saw or the next one coming up. Tyra, who also hosts “America’s Next Top Model,” seems more and more like a young Oprah.

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11 thoughts on “TYRA BANKS WANNABES

  1. Are you high Janet? You actually think that Tyra is a “young Oprah?” I think you need to lay off the drugs.


  3. I think Janet was paid to say that “Tyra is a young Oprah.”

  4. She had to have paid to say that because not even she can be that vapid and dense.

  5. I love Tyra! She’s down to earth and just all around wonderful…so knock it off..

  6. Sad but probably true. Tyra’s show is so dumbed down that I can’t believe anyone over the age of 12 takes her seriously. The other day I happened to see a brief part of the show (folding laundry, what can I say?) and her guest used the word “performative” and Tyra was like, “Is that really a word?”
    Geeee. How does a high school educated person get her own tv show and get to pretend to be all wise? Couldn’t be because of her prior career as a lingerie model, could it?
    In this way, maybe she is the next Oprah–able to masquerade female chit chat and pseudo-intellectual-spirituality as “smart.”
    And laugh all the way to the bank.

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