Poor TR Knight! First the semi unknown actor is dragged out of the closet by his Grey’s Anatomy costar Isaiah Washington, and now we’re insulting his intelligence by suggesting he might quit the show in despair! The rumor that TR is so fed up with the politically incorrect shenanigans on the show that he might WALK AWAY is the cruelest blow of all. Would any actor in his right mind be dumb enough give up a regular and large paycheck from a hit show because his FEELINGS were hurt? Don’t be insulted, TR – we never believed that silly story for a minute!

18 thoughts on “TR KNIGHT: HE'S NO FOOL

  1. I asked an Assistant Director on Grey’s what she thought about Isaiah being in rehab for homophobia and she didn’t say whether he was or he wasn’t, but she did say, “he’s kind of crazy.”

  2. Many actors in hollyweird are gay. They should all come out and be proud of their homosexuality instead of shoving it into the closet

  3. Isaiah is only trippin’ cuz he’s on the DL. Do your research, Janet. And do it right.

  4. Isaiah is a homophobic and a racist to boot.
    He has forced someone to come out in the open, who did not want to.
    He is a CRUEL person.
    He deserves to be FIRED from
    His mouth is so disrespectful of others.
    Let him go!!!

  5. nah nah nah, dont drop isaiah washington from the show. no no…have christina dump him. then, because burke lied to his superiors about his hand not working and performing surgery. anyhow, they demote him to security guard ( or something) and he works part time at a korean massage parlor. he sure is handy. lol where he meets his new love, bill.

  6. isiah washington had a reputation for being volatile and explosive and just frocking angry way before even auditioned for this show.
    this whole little big deal has surely given knight a lot of press and attention.

  7. I really hope TR will stay in Greys and we can still continue tovenjoy the program in the future.So stupid from Isaiah to go and comment for ones private life or what so ever even it would be a lie or not…

  8. I can no longer watch Greys crapatomy.If it had been a white actor that came out and called an actor a N*gger you know he would have been history.So why is this allowed? Shame on A.B.C. and touchstone for allowing this to drag out.I will now be boycotting all of abc”s shows.

  9. Don’t worry TR you will be back to being a nobody when Grey is over and forgotten.

  10. I hate these douchebags. They strike gold on a series making millions and they screw it up with their stupid crap. Shut up or go get a job at Ruby Tuesday with all the other actors who would kill to have your chances and behave themselves.

  11. Let’s look at the world of litigous reality: TR is going to sue the pants of off “Grey’s” African American creator and ABC for a “hostile work environment.” The homophobic slurs were well documented and witnessed, in addition to the assualt on Patrick Dempsey by an unstable and violent actor. Then Washington had the stupidity to stir up the controversy again at the Golden Globes. And still the African American creator did not fire the African American co-star who slurs and chokes and defames his fellow cast members. If TR walks away, he will walk away with his pockets so full that he will never have to work again. He can clearly and easily state in court that he fears for his safety because the African American creator and ABC did nothing to protect him. Welcome to the land of litigation, people!

  12. A hostile work environment? Don’t people have arguments at work anymore? And noone touched TR, so what physical danger was he in?
    Just because the man has anger issues doesn’t mean he’s a homophobe. And how the hell is he a racist?
    Yeah, Touchstone really dropped the ball on this one, unlike how they handled Mel Gibson and Apocalypto. Oh wait, they released it and it opened at number 1. And it was nominated for Oscars. Way to trounce out the hate Touchstone when a white guy attacks an entire group of people and blames them for all of the wars in the world as opposed to someone having a personal argument with one person and saying something out of anger, not drunken hate.

  13. no wonder tr’s character is so sullen and bitchy when that really attractive nurse tries to flirt with him. he is as interesting as a rock.
    i think that they should have burke kiss tr, with lots of sloppy tongue. oui oui
    ( yeah i guess this is a political correectness debacle..i mean, the dirty secret behind political correctness is that minorities are racist and stupid too)

  14. TR Knight is a whiny bitch. But if I.W. were white – he’d have been fired, not sent to rehab.

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