Tori Spelling at famers Market.

Tori Spelling, 42, looks like an eccentric mom at the farmer’s market with her four kids. Her right arm is covered because she burned it on a hibachi grill at an LA restaurant in April. Tori insists she lives “paycheck to paycheck” even though her father Aaron was worth 600 million when he died. Her mother Candy inherited the fortune and seems to be keeping it to herself. Tori’s oldest son Liam, 8, looks a LOT like her philandering husband Dean McDermott.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. wtf? what was the point of this?

    we can see what she looks like and that she burned her arm

    just because her parents had a shit ton of money means NOTHING regarding her if you know what she was left

    who the hell else is Liam supposed to look like if not his father?

    this is just plain unnecessary stupid and a waste of space. spiteful.

  2. Mission Impossible is awesome! So exciting!!! Loved it. Tom Cruise, for all his personal weirdness, knows how to make a fantastic movie.

    Based on the trailers, Guy Ritchie should have listened to Madonna closer. His movie, The Man from Uncle, is gonna suck big time, and lose money.

    And Tori probably was reaching for the sake bottle when she already had some sake. Just sayin.

  3. Carlos and I went to the movies too and we agree with you Strom.

  4. Poor little imposter, Strom. Trying to sound reasonable but still just a wannabe!

  5. Is she STILL trying to shake-down Benihana for cash–because of her “burn?”

    Jesus. What a GRIFTER.

    Candy–who is nobody’s fool–must have inoculated herself against family embarrassment, ’cause Tor-Tor sure has pulled out the stops trying to shame her.

  6. Adding to Strom’s comments, Daniel Craig is well past the age of being a hottie in a James Bond movie. Totally not believeable, nor attractive. Won’t be spending my money on that movie.

  7. Regardless of her parents money, she worked on TV for years including Saved By The Bell, multiple years as a lead on BH 90210, several made for TV movies, books and a couple of reality shows. I’m sure there were more things too. That carrier would afford a wonderful life for most people.
    However, this one whines about h living from paycheck to paycheck and how her mother keeps all,her dads money. Her brother doesn’t seem to have this problem!

  8. If Tori wasn’t such a major spender and hoarder she would have money. She has many, many larger storage units with expensive things she buys. She has issues and needs to resolve them.

  9. Well, hubby doesn’t work much, so, Tori’s the breadwinner. As another poster pointed out, she HAS done a lot of things to make money, but I’m positive that she also has NO CLUE about budgeting. As in: okay, Dean, we have this much $$$ to spend this week. What are our bills? What money is coming in? How about figuring out a weekly menu? And if you don’t have some sort of template for this sort of thing, you’re bound to be on a slippery slope. BTW, the burn was back in April, which tells me it’s got to be really NASTY for her to still be covering it.

  10. yes, being born ugly & stupid can indeed be a stone in your shoe.

  11. Am I seeing things or do two of the children, the oldest looking boy and girl have dark roots as though their hair has been dyed? Also on another side, a closeup shows Tori looks older than her 42 years. YiKes! With all her work, I am surprised.

  12. And her mother saw her scheming ways, lack of intelligence in maturity, and cut her off.. any money given her from mom, she wastes on oddball stuff to show off or do projects she soon loses interest in. She over compensates and makes little profit. Tori would be comfortable and moderately rich by now if she hadn’t squandered most the money she made pretending she is something she isn’t.. that is qualified to promote parties, run a Inn, allowing that fool of a husband all the expensive boy toys and gadgets he wanted. and he was frequently injured and unable to help her. Those kids are all she has of sympathy to appeal to the public and of course her begging people to sponsor her for new projects.. Hubby just poses and seems okay.. whatever, I eat, dress well .. she pays the bills somehow.. oops.

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