Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott seems like a worse catch every day. Even People magazine believes he cheated on Tori because she was too busy with their four kids to give him enough sex. Keep in mind Dean cheated with Tori while they were both married to other people. The McDermotts have had money problems of late and had to sell their mansion and move to rentals in the Valley. After being revealed as a cheater, Dean checked into rehab to help with his “personal problems,” but what are they? Is he a sex addict? A boozer? An egomaniac? Meanwhile Tori, the family breadwinner, is deciding whether their marriage can be fixed. Maybe she’s more forgiving because she’s a cheater too.



  1. So she cranks out 4 kids with this clown and now she has an issue with him? Once a cheater, always a cheater. And like she’s some prize. Poor kids.

  2. Well, the white gold digger messed up with the Jewess and now he has to dealwith it….

  3. Tori just needs to be on her mother’s good side and make sure her mother keeps her in her will.

  4. Doesn’t she know that when a man marries his mistress, it leaves a job opening?

  5. Good one MissEva. How can you be surprised that he will cheat with you on the last wife and turn around and cheat ON you?
    A cheater is a cheater

  6. The poor kids. People like this should NOT have children. They haven’t grown-up themselves. They need to both be neutered.

  7. Like she was so ‘stupid in love’.. but smart enough to support herself, her children and him.. and now will cash in on the end of that talentless dirt-bag attachment and is ‘totally over your untrustworthy shenanigans’ but richer in knowledge and clear of accusations of fickle abandonment for she tried to get him help.. before she moves on.. Mom will be proud of her and adopt her daughter and kids back into the family unit once the jerk disappears. Don’t blame mom, Tori was determined to make Dean a good man, a life partner, but with a liar and lazy alley rat.. she had nothing special to work with to improve things She’d better become wiser and choose carefully before she finds another love partner to share her life.. or this will happen again and again.

  8. Dump his azz Tori. Life is too short to stay miserable with the likes of Dean.

  9. Maybe it’s that black lipstick she always wears that caused him to stray? LOL

  10. Tori was married to a guy who wouldn’t cheat on her when she met this gold digger. The problem is, she doesn’t have the moolah yet. But they have enough moolah that DM is satisfied. But he will always cheat.

    Take notes Julia “A Low Vera” Roberts.

  11. She married him and had babies with him.

    One man, one woman, together for life. That’s how it goes. Divorce is sin and not an option. She must deal with her situation. Growup Tori, you must uphold the sanctity of the marrital covenant.

  12. First bad sign: Dean got that HORRIFIC image of Tori tattooed in a spot where he never has to look at it–on the back of his arm ( cuz getting it done on the sole of his foot would have been too obvious a slight)!

    Having said that, all this drama is just T&D beating the bushes for viewers for their latest reality show. Tori’s “friends” are claiming that the real issue is that Dean wants sex from Tori all the time, hence the cheating.

    Uh-huh. This is the same man who, after meeting Tori for the first time, told his then-wife and best bud that “she looks like a horse.”

  13. let’s hope he dumps this miscarriage spelling.

  14. boo-hoo… poor little rich girl… lets see what trainwreck she chooses next… Go back to your managers/stylists/nannies/assistants/personal trainers and everyone else on your “payrole” and just go away already… there are enough people there that can feed your endless ego… and please for the love of God… remove those fake (hanging like rocks in socks boobs… and have them put under the muscle, so at least people wont cringe in horror when they see how they fall to your waist… ugg

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