Rockers Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro are friends AND rivals. They aren’t competitive when it comes to music, but when women are involved it’s a different story. They both want to be top dog with the rocker chicks. When Dave Navarro and his wife Carmen Electra split up, Tommy was sympathetic – and immediately called Carmen for a date. (We hear she didn’t say no) Dave was NOT happy. When Dave heard that Tommy’s exwife Pamela Anderson abruptly ended her marriage to Kid Rock, he was delighted at the prospect of evening the score. He commiserated with Pam about divorce and started flirting and asking her out. Smarty pants Pam figured out what the was up to and cut him off at the pass.


  1. I think Tommy is a closet fag who is having a hard time hiding it as he gets older..this isn’t the first picture out there of him enjoying another mans tongue..

  2. Did ya hear what the drummer got on his I.Q. test?
    Slobber! Bwah hah hah hah

  3. Dave digs guys. And he’s open about it. With Tommy, it’s any port (or orifice) in a storm. This time it happened to be Dave’s.

  4. Just shows you’re never to rich or famous to be a complete idiot!

  5. Wow, what a hateful person. If you don’t like it, don’t read the site. Go get your own hot karl instead, since you obviously want one so bad.

  6. The herpe boys like each other,thats so sweet.Now someone hand me an antibac wipe.Just looking at their pics gave me the crabs……….OYE VEY

  7. Tommy & Carmen dated YEARS ago so them hooking up again wouldn’t be a huge deal.

  8. I think I caught some form of V.D. by just looking at this picture of Tommy. He and his Frankenpenis scare me.

  9. Dave N came off super femmy on that show he and Carmen did about their wedding. He is a tiny many with a tiny penis who wears more make-up than his wife and Seven jeans.(so gay on men). I bet Carmen got tired of having to strap one on.

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