Tina Turner LOOKED happy in the early days of her career with Ike Turner but eventually we learned she was miserable in the abusive marriage. It took her a few decades to tie the knot again, but she spent 27 years with her record producer Erwin Bach to make sure he was the right one. Click HERE to see Tina, now 73, at her wedding in Switzerland– she looks beautiful in her Armani gown and Erwin appears to be a real gentleman.


  1. Mazel tov Tina. You shoulda shown off those great legs.

  2. people aren’t aware of the real power in his fists.

    (I’m thankful)

  3. Obviously they didnt marry out of love, there must be financial and other reasons, be serious….

  4. She was strange, strong in some things but still weak and let abusive things happen to her as if she had no self esteem or was extremely ambitious and suffered that which happened for the fame and money..

  5. The comments on this site are growing increasingly bizarre

  6. Wish her the best. She is no ghetto cruiser like today’s bunch.

  7. Best wishes to this fabulous talented woman and her new husband. One of the best shows I ever saw was Tina Turner at the Boston Garden. Damn can she sing and dance.

  8. I love Tina. She is a woman who has went thru much. However, I agree with a couple of the insightful comments on here. After all these years it must be for financial reasons. She lives in Switzerland, which is a tax haven for the wealthy. Also, the religion (Bud. sect she is a member of) is little more than a cult (as all religions are-this one is just more obvious). With all the hundreds of thousands of dollars they blew on this to show off, it is a pity she didnʻt donate the cash instead to poor women who are being abused. That might show real compassion, love, and Nirvana (not the kind of fake spirituality that Oprah and other rich folks preach to the working poor).

  9. Yep…she is a Buddist and into meditating and vegetating but it seems to have worked for her and she was smart enough to have a good manager who really made her when she was down n out.

    She has always worked, a lesson to the Obamaites today who are just waiting for their handouts!

  10. when you get that age, why marry? It doesn’t take 27 years to know if someone is right.

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