Ryan O’Neal looks like he’s celebrating winning that 3 year court case with the University of Texas over Farrah Fawcett’s Warhol portrait. Farrah bequeathed her art collection to the University but Ryan refused to give up the Warhol – worth over 12 million dollars. Ryan wept in court and told jurors he “talked” to the painting hanging over his bed. If the jury knew how he treated Farrah and what their relationship was REALLY like, they never would have let him keep the painting. But he put on a good act. And above, he found a young woman willing to go out with him he took her to the Stanley Cup Finals. Now that he’s in the money again he’s apparently more desirable.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Stupid people are so starstruck by celebrities they let creep after creep get away with murder (OJ, Robert Blake). There are two justice systems in America: one for the rich/famous & another one for the working poor.

    Ryan is such a psycho he will blow thru that money and be onto his next scam. What scum. The only women who would go out with him are seeking fame, paid, abused or labotomized!

  2. how is he “in the money” again and how did he really treat Farrah?
    DO TELL….

  3. I find it more troubling that when Tatum was a child, Ryan brought her along at premieres, movie events etc. telling everyone she was…. his date. And I assume everyone knows he sexually abused his own daughter.

  4. Hopefully she won’t let Ryan go around back and do her Farrah style,,,,could prove fatal!

  5. Ryan O’Neal won that portrait? This is a no brainer. How did he win that court battle? Our judicial system is corrupt across the entire country!

    The University was legally entitled to that portrait because Farrah put in it writing that her art collection was given to the University. The Warhol portrait is part of her art collection.

    If Farrah wanted Ryan to have it, she would have clearly made him beneficiary of the Warhol painting.

    Farrah’s death wish was not granted. How disrespectful! She must be turning over in her grave.

    Farrah clearly didn’t want Ryan to have the most expensive portrait in her art collection. He refused to marry her. If he would have asked, Farrah would have married him. No woman would leave millions to a man who wouldn’t marry her.

  6. S.. of a …. B… how did he get to keep this? Yeah, he was around when she died, but a will is a will. WTF?

  7. That looks like one of the Olsen twins, doesn’t it?

  8. He is just scum, remember when he didn’t recognize his daughter a few years ago and asked her out on a date? This woman looks severely anorexic

  9. Read Tatum’s books to get an inside glimpse of what sort of father Ryan was. His life revolved around himself, and his children were used only as props, and rarely. Griffin really got the shaft, it’s a wonder that he’s still alive. Truly a messed up man who had no business becoming a father.

  10. More importantly:

    Hopefully she won’t let Ryan go around back and do her Farrah style,,,,could prove fatal!

  11. hey @Strom, what’s it like when no one responds to your pathetic posts ?

  12. After all this time, I never understood why Farrah dumped the sweet and handsome Lee Majors for Ryan fungus O’Neal.

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