And to think the Brits accused Americans of getting too carried away about the royal wedding! They’ve come up with the ultimate souvenir of the highly anticipated event. GDHA, the distributor for G.E. appliances, in the UK has introduced the Royal Commemorative Refrigerator. The 5’9” appliance has larger than life size images of William and Kate, making every visit to the kitchen a special event.



  1. To be honest, I am hoping that Pippa, that British butterface, ends up getting locked in the freezer half of this monstrosity! The other half will be filled with Dash bottled water, purchased by us silly Americans.

  2. It’s a little over the top(OK alot over the top), but kind of cool if your a collector. It will no doubt, be worth a lot of money one day.

    The Queen must be so happy to have “normal” grand children, after putting up with Charles’ antic’s all these years, this must be a breath of fresh air for her!!

  3. Yes, Jerry, good idea. She can shove her hand out the ice slot and drop ice cubes into people’s drinks while she’s in there. Might as well give her SOMETHING to do, eh?

  4. I gotta say, THAT frig would be the best thing to have to keep you on a diet. You’d stay completely out of the kitchen if THAT was staring at you every time you turned on the lights. In fact…I would probably jump out of my skin if I entered the kitchen in the dark and someone turned on the light suddenly and THAT assaulted my eyeballs! Can you just IMAGINE? I don’t know if I’d ever recover from the shock!

  5. Bettye, I think actor Viggo Mortensen frig would sell better than the royals would. My sister would have lip marks all over it.

  6. This sort of thing only appeals to British sorts with tastes for gaudy and ridiculously, frivolous major appliances.
    There’s no end of those types in the U.K.
    Eh, Pippa?!

  7. This ‘frig’ (as Reta calls it) is not real. janet check your sources. (oh yeah, you don’t have any.).ROTFLMAO!

  8. Ya know, I really would like to give this Pippa snot a gaunche pull.

  9. Patrick ” Ya know, I really would like to give this Pippa snot a gaunche pull.”

    I like the way you think! I also think “snot” is a suitable last name for Pippa. : )

  10. Wow, a naked Viggo Mortenson frig (she sees dreamily and goes to watch Eastern Promises and fast forwards to the sauna scene).

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