This dancer should be named “Woman of the Year.” WHY? Because she RESISTED Justin Timberlake’s charms, that’s why! Last week Justin was sitting in the front row at the Lakers game and he was ogling this college educated Laker girl. He asked around and found the woman in charge of the Laker girls and asked the woman to please get the girl’s phone number for him, begging “Put in a good word for me!” The woman informed the Laker girl about her famous admirer and the girl obviously knew Justin has a girlfriend (Jessica Biel) and she replied “No thanks- I don’t want to be another Bombshell McGee!” The woman reminded the dancer that Justin “isn’t married” but she wouldn’t budge. Unaccustomed to rejection, Justin later approached the Lakers PR person and asked for an introduction to the blonde dancer. Again, she flatly REFUSED to meet him! Don’t you LOVE a girl who has respect for other women? We do.

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  1. Justin Timberlake has jumped the shark. He is just too odd.

  2. Well cheers to her, he’s not all that & as charming as a python.

  3. JT is a slimy looking little creep. Hey, this is not cute nor handsome. Money yes, but who would ever go out with this cheater. Stupid lesbo Jessica Biel?

  4. This gal should NOT just say no. She should put him down and tell him she has many boyfriends, maybe show him pics of them with a notation saying….’Don’t you wish you had their looks…get lost scum’. This little prick is a no-talent scum and how he got famous is because of his backstage mom who taught him the balls to push himself up and up. Plus, he needs a nose job.

  5. Good for her for having morals and BOOO for him for being an ass.

  6. It’s not that she has respect for other women, it’s that she has respect for herself, which is something rare. She knew she’d just be another in a long line of nameless chicks for him if she said yes. Now, he’ll remember her. Congratulations on meeting a woman with self-esteem, Justin.

  7. I don’t blame her she knows the guy’s a slut. Having herpes isn’t on her bucket list.

  8. TO: Seriously?…..I totally agree. And the jerk needs some of this gal’s self-esteem to rub off on him. Until he gets some (self-esteem that is) he is in GRAVE danger of getting a rash on his wee what with his immoral lifestyle.

  9. Good for her. The only charming thing about that hillbilly is his money

  10. Jessica should take that secret wedding dress she’s paying for outta lay-away and forget the large deposit, just like Cammy did? A baby with her wuvy Justin indeed..? Well who didn’t know the sand is running out on your time with JT three months after he bagged ya.

  11. Also.. he could have been privately purchasing a new temp bedding gift to share with Jessica, so how bad is that?

  12. Great scoop, Janet. Hooray for the girl. Jessica deserves better. You were hinting at this earlier. We should have known you’d come through with the goods.

  13. What, nobody claiming he did it only to cover his gayness? I’m surprised at you, you’re getting slow!

  14. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe the rumours. I would bet money that Justin is going to propose to Jessica while in Paris. It’s now or never for Jessica. I think she will dump him ASAP if he does not step up soon.

  15. This HOMO again? Really Janet, stop trying to convince us he’s straight…it’s not working! I will die laughing when he gets busted in a public bathroom soliciting gay sex LOL….

  16. Fuck off you gaybashing cowardly asshole! Too much of a pussy to use your real name!

  17. Reta take your drama back to your basement. Nobody cares what your crusade of the day is. You always try to hog the attention and stir controversy, you patron saint of sociopaths. You have serious issues this comment board won’t solve. Need help? Seek professional.

  18. I do love a woman with morals! (There’s not many of them around these days)…. so can someone get me her phone number please.

    I’m single and un-attached, promise!! 🙂

  19. Meg: My “crusade of the day” happens to be equality for ALL. Sorry you find that so offensive. Your momma must be so proud!

  20. how many times I nust tell her: COCKS ARE HIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Obviously a story planted by his pr people to try and convince us he aint eatin weenies.

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