Barbara Walters ought to be ashamed of herself for foisting the absurdly overpaid and undereducated Sherri Shepherd upon her unsuspecting viewers. And here we always thought The View was intended to enlighten it’s audience with the hosts’ timely conversations about news events! We still can’t figure out why Barbara bypassed intelligent and amusing Kathy Griffin and added Sherri to the show instead. A woman who doesn’t believe in SCIENCE! Shepherd admits she doesn’t believe in evolution, period. Surely this declaration is enough to drive away any viewer with over a fifth grade education. We only wish Kathy had been there when Sherri said it.


  1. My dad says we have to attack and free Iran now.
    Everyone on board okay otherwise your against us.

  2. Sherri Shepard is an uneducated bitter woman who’s husband cheated on her with a man. No wonder she is so anti-gay I guess it hits so close to home.
    The show is a complete joke ever since Rosie left. I’d rather watch my dog take a dump, it’s much more interesting.
    Get rid of Elisabeth already !!

  3. 12:24 is your dads name Bill Geddes?
    Because The View Master is a bush loving idiot. That’s why EH and him get along so well. they are both bigots.
    Sherri Shepard is just your typical loud-mouth with a chip on her shoulder. The woman took her husband back after he cheated on her with a man. How low can one go. Disgrace to every strong woman. She makes a fool of herself in more ways than one.

  4. The View is the laughing stock of daytime TV, now that Rosie is gone. I’d rather watch Passions.
    I wish Rosie would get her own show. Add my name to the list who have ordered her book Celebrity Detox.

  5. Janet,
    For the record, and speaking of uneducated, the correct way to spell ‘its’ in your fourth sentence is as follows:
    to enlighten its audience (not “it’s” audience, which means “it is audience”)

  6. This Sherri Shepard is a complete moron. I wish Barbra would get someone with an education. It’s bad enough they have that other moron Elisabeth. I guess misery loves company. Barbra needs to start being honest because she has been caught in so many lies. I have no respect for her. The show is going to fail.

  7. NOTHING could make elisabeth look like a genius. A dirty sock is more interesting and likeable than that idiot.

  8. 10:35, you owned that description!
    10:39, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in years…dumb as a bagel, omg

  9. I’m sick of Sherri Shepard and it’s only been a week. Elisabeth, I just ignore or mute her A$$ when she talks. Barbra has done a good job in bringing on board women who have a lower IQ than her.. much lower.
    Whoopi and Joy are enjoyable to watch but those two idiotic dominoes SH and EH are completely brain dead.

  10. Joy used to be funny, but now she’s just mean. I read where Whoopie was taking Sherri clothes shopping–oh, yeah, that’s who I’d go to for fashion advice. So tired of them talking all over each other, think I’ll watch the grass grow instead.

  11. HaHa Sherri’s husband was caught with a tranny!! Guess Sherri doesn’t have what it takes to keep a man. Poor thang.
    The panel is boring. They made a HUGE mistake in letting Rosie get away. She brought new life to an old show that was on it’s last breath.
    BTW, Celebrity Detox is #1 on Canada’s Online Bestsellers list.


  13. Am I the only one that thinks Sherri is funny and simply entertaining with her commentary? Frankly, she appears to be genuine and down to earth. I like her! I miss Rosie, however, as she never held back. Whoopie needs to open up; shake the show up a bit instead of playing it close to the vest.

  14. Whoopie and Joy just stare speechless at Sherry and Elisabitch as they both talk stilly little sh*t.
    Too bad Kathy was not added to the panel. That show would have rocked. Now it’s worse than it ever has been.

  15. Janet, do you have a problem with black women on television? You also always make fun of other’s religion. I vow to expand your mind with a good little lawsuit. I’ll be watching your blog.

  16. God love her for her longevity, but Barbara is THE textbook example of staying way too long past one’s prime.
    Anybody else remember when the brilliant Peter Jennings told her to shut up on the air?
    It was during the OJ “slow-speed chase” and ABC had stupidly sandwiched Jennings between the two biggest morons in the business: Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs.
    Jennings was an elegant, highly-intelligent gentleman, but even he eventually had had enough of Barbara’s inane blathering. His exact words were, “Be quiet, Barbara.”
    Good times!
    You got the feeling Jennings’ words would have been somewhat “stronger” (was “STFU” in common usage then?), if they hadn’t been said live, on the air. I know I wasn’t the only one applauding my television that night.
    Fast-forward more than a decade: Peter Jennings is dead and Barbara is STILL spouting her bullshit on ABC. You wonder how it is that any person could be so relentlessly insipid and full of herself.
    And then you realize she’s had about 60 years of daily practice.
    We get it, Barbara. You love nothing more than the sound of your own voice, the smell of your own dusty flatulence. Now how can we help speed your entry into a comfortable retirement?

  17. Gloria, sit down you publicity tramp.
    It’s called FREE speech. Something that we are losing daily thanks to GWB & money hungry, publicity seeking lawyers.
    I don’t know where you are getting the idea that Janet doesn’t like black people.. wake up you bag of bones 90% of the stories are about white people!
    Honey, go back to cooking your pig foot and watching B.E.T. Leave the gossip to professionals.
    And Sherri Shepard is a ghetto bafoon!

  18. 3:42 Great Post! I wish it was on YouTube.
    I can’t stand BW any longer. I have no respect for her. She is a liar plain and simple. She screwed over Debbie, Lisa, Star and now Rosie. But Rosie got the last laugh. I hope celebrity Detox exposes Barbra for the FAKE that she is!
    Oh and I can’t stand Sherri or ElisaBitch.

  19. For all you who hate the view and these women ya’ll sure do know everything that goes on with it. ‘I won’t watch any more’ or ‘I hate them’. But you all continue to watch, Shut up already.

  20. “Kathy Griffin would have been a perfect balance.
    Yeah ANOTHER over the hill
    liberal who is NOT FUNNY..
    thankfully she she is not a host!!

  21. Oh Jan go back to baking cookies and attending your PTA meetings. No one asked for your 2 cents!
    Have you confessed to your hubby about that baby you aborted? I didn’t think so SNOW WHITE.

  22. JAN you should tune into FOX NEWS if you want to hear Republican crap 24/7. Wake up you tree stump.

  23. Sherri makes Pee Wee Herman and Boy George look like genius’s…The only reason she is on there is for TOKEN sake,,,we need a black or 2 where Jesse won’t protest and a token lesbian and a Jew and we were trying to find a nice slant eye but Connie Chung and Babs don’t get along!

  24. She doesn’t believe in evolution probably because she believes in God..Not everyone’s an athiest Janet..

  25. The View is lousy without Rosie. She brought a lot of interesting ideas to the table. The only thing Sheri can talk about is the size of her breasts. If they’d been smart, they’ve have hired Kathy Griffin. I’ll never watch the show again. Elisabeth alone was bad enough, but having two brainless hosts is too much.

  26. I agree The View is horrible without Rosie. I can’t stand to watch EH go unchallenged with her crazy BUSH talk. And Sherri is a complete JackASS with her world is flat comment. Did she finish school? Just asking…

  27. Maybe Sherri meant her butt is flat. Can this ho stop talking about her breasts? Can Elisabeth shut her trap about GWB. Can Barbra just retire already. And Bill Geddes wants to be a star but looks like my cats behind.

  28. Sherri didn’t even finish high school. Did Barbra not check her out before they hired her?
    And any woman who would take their man back after having sex with a tranny is a LOSER.

  29. B!tch you don’t know me. So what if I didn’t finish high school? I know how to shoplift all my D&G and that’s all that matters. Ya, so my man tasted man AS$ so what? Like you all have never tasted man AS$, don’t lie you heffa’s. B!tch please your just jealous cause my tatas are bigger than yours.
    And yes the world if flat, now what?
    BRING IT!!!

  30. If Barbara Walters would have hired Kathy Griffin, I would have never watched that show again! I cannot stand her humor and the way she makes fun of everyone. I think she should look in the mirror! Plus, her voice is grating. From what I have seen, Barbara made the correct choices with Whoopi and Sherri.

  31. Thank God Rosie is gone. If The View (Barbara/Bill) had really wanted to keep her, they would have ponied up the money Rosie was asking for. SSoooooooooo glad she’s gone. She’s a nut job!

  32. The View is boring. I loved Rosie – didn’t always agree but at least she was interesting – EH is embarrasing. Sherri – I don’t get her. Whoopi – is holding back. Joy – wants a job.

  33. Are you an aethiest, Janet? There are a lot of intelligent people who do NOT believe in evolution. I think it’s very sad that people hate Elizabeth and now Sherri because they are young woman with morals.

  34. No people can’t stand EH & SS because they are morons and ill-informed jezebel’s just like you 9:57AM.

  35. I don’t watch the view. I do remember when Peter Jennings told Barbara to “Be quiet” . I thought it was rude and I never watched his news show after that.

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