Khloe Kardashian, like her sister Kim, just LOVES to shop at Barneys in Beverly Hills, but they both have the same problem: fit. The sisters’ improbable proportions do not match the sizes available in designer clothes. It’s very frustrating to see lots of beautiful things that simply will never fit. The girls have to settle for customized items or SPANDEX and Barneys is not a purveyor of spandex. Just about all they can purchase are shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. Indeed, Khloe looks out of place in her stilettos and absurdly tight outfit at Barneys.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. They must have no surveillance in hell, cuz this vile, stupid family slipped past.

  2. Spandex will NOT make Khloe’s backside smaller. That’s a big butt.

  3. I have a rather high larger butt but they all put me to shame. I wonder when this trend of these butts will end, the fake ones never look right because they don’t blend into the thighs.

  4. Call out this trash for her lack of education and bad example she sets. But a bevy of BLACK men are waiting in line!

  5. It’s The Mentally Ill Family. When Kim files for divorce (soon) and sues for custody of their kids, Kanye the Narcissist is going to blow and look out the rest of the koven.

  6. Khloe is so concerned with looking like a video girl, that look is only going to attract one thing, and that thing isn’t what she’s looking for. That rear end looks ridiculous. Disgusting.

  7. It is hard to disguise the fact that she is TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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