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We can’t help feeling bad for Mackenzie Phillips. With druggy John Phillips for a father, she almost never had a chance. The One Day at a Time star has been in and out of rehabs and arrested several times. She cleaned up again around ten years ago and did some TV work and even made appearances as a motivational speaker. This morning a flight attendant called and told us that Mackenzie was arrested by security at the American Airlines terminal because heroin was found taped to her body. This photo was taken a few months ago at “A Mothers Day Salute to TV Moms.” It’s just sad.


  1. Janet, when you say ‘us’ who are you referring to? Also did the Flight attendant call all the other websites including ‘People’ because they are reporting they found cocaine and heroin.

  2. So many people given a chance with privileges beyond what most of us ever even conceive of…and they go and blow it all with drugs!!
    I do not feel sorry for her. She did it to herself, over & over…she had the chance to get clean and stay that way and her self-centered ways gave in AGAIN.
    I’m sick of celebrities crying for us to feel bad for them when they gat more breaks then we do all the way down the line, from the law (Nicole, Paris, Lindsay, etc) to parents who pay off all their little legal woes…Hogans.
    The public is sick of it. WE mind the law, watch our wallets and take care of our own kids and don’t pawn them off on nannies.

  3. There are plenty of drug addicts who are not rich celebrities. I don’t feel sorry for the rich or the poor gecause there is too much help available now for people to take advantage of and to stop using drugs.

  4. The Bible (paraphrased) states…Every man shall be responsible for his own sin.
    So….just because her old man was a druggy does not give her a pass. Nor should we feel sorry for a privileged kid who still knew right from wrong. I say lock her up for 6 months, put her in rehab, and make her wear an ankle bracelet. Otherwise, she may drive while drugged up and kill someone or herself.

  5. She gets no sympathy from me, none whatsoever. At some point, well before age 48, you have to quit blaming your parents for every screwup you do

  6. Janet who is us? Please let us know who else you are working with. Why are you being so secretive?

  7. “………..This is life, the one you get, so go and have a ball”

  8. It’s sad that so many feel so righteous that they cannot have compassion for a person with a disease. To have some human empathy for a sick drug addict is not the same as promoting drug use. This woman has a problem. Try taking some time out from patting yourselves on your perfect backs and see one of God’s children in distress.

  9. Drug addiction is much more than a disease. It is a sin (and I agree we all have sinned in one way or other). Unless she finds Jesus and repents of her sins, and receives the Holy Spirit, she will keep going back and forth to rehab and never be healed of this sin/disease.
    If she overdoses before revelation, it’ll be way too late, e.g. lost in eternal hell.
    Btw, she is not one of God’s children until she repents and accepts His Son Jesus, Who alone can change her life.

  10. She should join the Kabbalah, get a red string and drink the Madonna water. Jesus was King of the apostate church.

  11. 6:45pm, that was not funny.
    You are giving Christians a bad rep.

  12. She is american?
    ………………..NO SURPRISE AT ALL!!

  13. How sad. She’s in her 40s and she still doesn’t have it together. Kids this is why you don’t mess with heroin, it’s a pain to quit and hard to stay away from.

  14. It’s insane to put heroin and cocaine in your carry-on bag at L.A. International Airport….and then try to board a plane.
    What WAS she thinking?

  15. She like many of the famous wanna be’s has sucked much cock for a line of coke…now she is just like the Colombian female mules…once the youth has gone they go from trading sex to trading transport.

  16. I generally don’t feel sorry for anyone. But when your Daddy starts doing drugs with you before you’re 10 yrs old. You deserve sympathy. And has anyone else seen the mugshot…I mean, jesus. She was screaming to have her bag/body/everything searched.

  17. Why does wvery artice bring up “One Day at a Time” and not “American Grafitti”? I would be more proud of the movie. Just asking…….

  18. Such a fright and very Jewish looking….name must have been changed

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