The Tanorexic Doll might be the perfect gift for your tan addicted friends. slapped together a 9″ doll based on Patricia Krentcil, the tanorexic New Jersey mom accused of tanning with her 5 year old daughter. The company specializes in newsmakers and has had past success with Anthony Weiner and Jersey Shore cast dolls. In their haste, however, they failed to dress the $29.95 doll in more appropriate tank top and stretchpants and wedgies. (A suit and Frankenstein shoes?) She needs whiter frosted lipstick but the snaggle tooth is an adept touch. A bottle of wine in the doll’s hand would be a nice accessory, also.


  1. Why not go one step further?

    The crazy leatherfaced, deeply wrinkled tanning woman should be dragging a little innocent , pale freckled faced red headed girl in one hand and a tanning bottle in the other. A copy of Playboy should be jutting from a dollar store pocket book along with a prescription of prozac and a holiday bottle of Jim Beam.

  2. @Walt, that would be perfect!!
    Is that a missing tooth on the doll? I have not paid any attention to this woman so I have no idea if she is missing teeth but that would not be surprising.

  3. janet-charlton-doesnt-do-irony,

    Priceless! Hahahahaaaa

  4. Dragonfly, I haven’t been able to see her tooth (or teeth) due to the radiance of glare from her uber frosted cracked lips. 🙂

  5. Just when you think you’ve seen or heard of every stupid person there could possibly be, there’s a new one: “tanning mom”.

    The only makeover I can think of for that hideous doll (I know I’ll have nightmares if I stare at it too long), is to toss it in the nearest firepit.

  6. THAT’S the type of woman I’d be into…IF I was into women, that is.

    I HOPE for a Piece of Man-meat for a CHANGE


  7. I’ve seen better looking voodoo dolls. That thing is as ugly as the doll in “Trilogy of Terror.

    @Walt – LOL!! Cracked lips? What sort of crack we talking about???

  8. Oh now I get it!!!! Janet has the nerve to talk about this doll and tan mom when Janet pictures look exactly like the hideous doll. Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Janet is that you or your sister?

  9. The funniest thing of all is tan mom thinks she’s hot!

  10. kitty, Your right! She thinks she is hot and ready to pose for Playboy. I believe I read where Playboy turned her down. Maybe she could hook up with Octomom. lol

  11. @Walt, Playboy didn’t just turn her down, they shouted from a mountain top that there was no way in hell they were interested LOL!!

  12. Weird and strange Picture and to get that tan is really crazy…I Am Black and that woman passes me up in color.

  13. That mother feels good about what she is doing to her skin and she really feels she is right on many levels but who are we to tell a mother what to do with her skin! But the court can jump in on her daughters behalf…Remember the state has a tendacy to control the world throw children..cps can always be called into this manner at hand.

  14. The Doll is really kicking a person when they are down to some level and…This woman can always ask for a piece of the pie…If you make money…Okay

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