“Charlie’s Angels” star Lucy Liu, who’s currently performing on Broadway in “God of Carnage,” just earned herself the label “ pampered Hollywood actress.” According to Michael Riedel in the New York Post, Lucy was the ONLY Broadway actor who was too cowardly to go onstage Saturday night during the bomb scare. She panicked after talking to police outside the theater, and her UNDERSTUDY stepped up and went on with the other actors in the show.


  1. Taylor Swift must be Lucy’s long-lost sister, as they both have those slanty Chinese eyes. In fact, Taylor’s are even more slanty.

  2. WoW, racist much??? I’d say she was the SMART one for getting the hell outa Dodge when there is a fucking BOMB in the area! I mean, what in the hell ELSE would it take to get you to cancel a show, a planet colliding with earth???

  3. Are you a scaredy-cat for getting the hell away from a bomb? No one knew how serious it would be or what would happen. I think they were nuts to continue with the play….what’s more important than your life.

  4. this is why american actors are like “Chicken Shit”, folks!!

  5. not a fan of hers but if she spoke to the police and freaked out, I can’t fault her. who knew if there were more bombs planted? Does this mean the terrorists win?

  6. sounds like she is the only one with brains – the person complaining about her shows just what a pompous idiot he is. it’s just a show ffs – not life-saving surgery!

  7. She is much like Julie Chen who broke up Les Moonves marriage…a very coniving person, out only to further themself however…opps I just described J Lo too!

  8. A bomb scare and she’s a coward. No she’s the one with some sense.

  9. As someone who worked in a government building that was always having bomb scares, I have to side with Lucy. Is going on stage more important than possibly blowing up? No, didn’t think so. Good for her. Especially when New York seems to be the main focus of terrorists.

  10. Heck, I would be running out the door if there was bomb scare. Why wasn’t the others?…. Because they are stupid.

  11. What a baby. It’s ok though for her understudy to get blasted? Geez, nice way to show concern for your fellow humans. The police were all over the situation, there was no reason for her to freak out.

  12. She wouldn’t have been considered brave if she’d been blown up–just stupid. Considering what New York went through on 9/11, I’d cut anyone in the situation a lot of slack.

  13. Why’d she talk to a cop outside ? What do you wanna bet he probably told her that SUV had so much explosives on board it would level the building or whatever.

    We are talking about that guy who didn’t want to meet 21 virgins in his after life, right?

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