We confess we were secretly happy that the Wolf of Wall Street didn’t win any Oscars. We refused to see the movie because the idea of watching Leonardo DiCaprio as a drugged up swindler living the high life at the devastating expense of others, was NOT appetizing. The whole idea of aggrandizing such a sleazy and revolting character seems WRONG. Now the guy who wrote the book and was played by Leo wants us to forgive him. Ex-convict Jordan Belfort told The Hollywood Reporter, “What I did was awful, but I was under the influence of massive quantities of drugs.” Sure, THAT explains it. Out of jail, con man Belfort says he redeemed himself and is now a “motivational speaker.”

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  1. The film was complete rubbish and shouldn’t have been nominated

  2. But Jonah Hill was nominated for a second time!
    The Jewish people must be so proud of their ‘son’. What a charade.

  3. Seeing Leonardo DiCaprio win ANY type of acting award would be a joke. He is awful.

  4. Agee Janet, I wouldn’t watch it for the same reason. It shows EVERYTHING that is wrong with hollywood that a creep like Belford is portrayed in this manner. If that scum is really sorry he would repay EVERY cent to everyone he used and ripped off. Sociopaths never change, he’s undoubtedly looking for his next mark.

  5. The book was so awful, I couldn’t get halfway through it.

  6. I can watch ID cable channel to indulge in greed, sex, crime, death and corruption only NOT as graphic.

    With that said, if Belfort has truly learned from his mistakes and is taking measures to improve himself than I say AMEN.

  7. Funny you should mention this movie because I’m planning on watching it digitally via 2.99 Tuesdays. Don’t know if I will enjoy the movie but I DO think Leo is a good actor.

  8. I guess I am in the minority in the postings. I for one thought the movie was great. Leo DeCaprio is a multi-talented actor and he’s not hard on the eyes either. I have seen Jordan Belfort interviewed and I believe he is a totally different person than he was years back. Excessive drugs and alcohol do change a person in a not so good a way. He is making restitution, BTW and has repaid millions of dollars. He has a long way to go, however, but at least he is trying to fly right. He spent time in prison and was released. He’s doing motivational speaking and is probably handsomely paid. I still contend everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves…

  9. Jonah Hill? What a complete sham. Bernie Madoff? Lucky Larry Silverstein?

  10. Janet, you’re being completely close-minded. That book/movie happens to be a very interesting study of a human being that has done something way out of the ordinary. How did he do that is the question! He may be somewhat autistic. Part of him is extremely brilliant and yet a another part of him is so opposite as to pull him down and destroy what he built up (extremes). He’s a very interesting character and it’s helpful to try and figure out what makes him tick. Our society created him with our penchant for greed. He was able to find loopholes in the system and create something huge. You have a gossip website. You like to judge people in the media’s eye. You castigate some and praise others. What makes you tick? Seems to me you’d be interested in trying to understand the psychology of such a person.

  11. lol@motivational speaker. Another scam at the expense of the vulnerable. This movie basically celebrates sociopathy. Gross.

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