Voyagers on the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship had a big surprise when they walked into the pub and found Roger Daltrey onstage singing, appropriately, “My Generation.” But you don’t have to worry about how the mighty have fallen. (Roger and The Who DID entertain 500,000 fans a Woodstock) Fortunately, the lead singer of The Who is not reduced to entertaining on cruise ships. Daltrey was a passenger on the cruise and he couldn’t resist jumping onstage to sing a few songs just for fun. Still, the cruise ship-generational link is appropriate.

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  1. I gotta admit when I first glanced at this post the word “Queen” jumped out at me, as did the hair in the top picture, before I had a chance to move down and see the whole picture. For a few seconds I thought it was going to be about “THE” Queen. OH, that HAIR Roger!

    And going back in time he WAS a bit of a hunkish guy, except for the old man high-waisted jeans and suspenders! What’s up with THAT???? I do seem to recall him always having his pants crawling ringht up his crotch/ass/balls, and he had a rather flat ass if I recall correctly.

  2. I would so love to take a cruise on that ship, not because of him but just in general

  3. Many of his tour dates are being cancelled here in the UK generally due to a lack of interest and the general malaise in the economy. People are choking due to the price of gasoline and food these days. Meanwhile our Government is abroad bombing innocent civilians in Libya under the guise of a UN resoloution aimed at protecting those same civilians. Believe me the so called “Arab Spring” is nothing more than a CIA/Mossad led attempt to force regime change and weaken Arab resolve to wipe Israel off of the map.

  4. Last year I saw Shaun Cassidy of “Doo Run Run”
    fame on Oprah. Debbie Boone sang the timeless song “You light up my life”, and Peter Frampton with a shorter hair style sang two of his most popular songs. On yesterday Diana Ross
    sang a couple of her songs from the 1970’s and 80’s that had Nothing to do with her days as lead singer of The Supremes. The audience loved seeing
    Diana and her family including her grandson. Earlier tonight I saw a movie on HBO called The Family Wedding, the bartender refused to answer to the name “hey bartender” he wanted to be called a “mixologist” the DJ did Not want to be called a DJ, he wanted to be called a “turntabler.”
    @ Janet:
    Thank you for sharing the photos of “pinball wizard” Roger Daltry. Knowing that he felt comfortable belting out a few songs impromptu on the cruise ship, remind *us that he Not only is still an entertainer, but he is still willing to share his talents with fans as a surprise to them. I remember years ago,when Bruce Springsteen did the live performance of “Dancing in the Dark, an
    unknown Courtney Cox was hand picked from the audience to dance on stage with Bruce. Sharing pictures of performers like Roger and talented performers from the yesterday era temporarily take *us back to an innocence when music was music, and a song went a long way in making you feel better about everything!!

  5. Oh, and the belt and suspenders to better show off a 27-inch waist.

  6. Nope…Libya is all about keeping illegal immigrants out of Italy and France. Seems it could be done in a better manner.

    Magic Bus days are over for Rog it seems. These groups are making a fortune now and they mostly look a fright….better just go and retire somewhere.

    If Diana and Areatha get on a stage it might not hold them.

  7. I’ll see that “Nope” and raise you one.

    Libya is about OIL.

    The “Project for a New American Century”—better known as PNAC under the auspices of former VP Dick Cheney, clearly laid out the objective for the systematic increase of the American Empire.

    The issue of “illegal immigrants”—aka “poor folk,” is just a sideshow.

  8. My ear still has pain from a first, and last, Who concert.

  9. He’s 67 and looks great. If he can still carry a note, all the better. Always liked The Who and still do (although I would choose the Stones over them). 🙂


    Hey Leo,

    I remember all those people you mentioned. The Debbie Boone song, You Light up my Life” was played so much and sung by so many that to this day, I cannot stand to hear even a few notes of it. Ughhhhhh! lol

    The beautiful Courtney Cox was cast by Brian De Palma in the Bruce Springsteen video “Dancing in The Dark” for 350.00. I bet she would have done it for free just for the experience! I still love that video too.

  10. @ Walt Cliff:
    How about the stones’ “jumping jack flash”??
    All the blessings of a wonderful holiday tomorrow to you and yours!!
    Speaking of Debbie Boone:
    She was born into a famous family,and then married into a famous family.
    It is my understanding that even though “You light up my life” became a major hit for Debbie, at the time, for her it was Not a song about love,but more of an inspirational song about her love and faith in God.
    Just a short run down of her family connections:
    Her father is singer Pat Boone, she married Gabriel Ferrar who is the son of actor Jose Ferrer and songbird Rosemary Clooney. Cousin through marriage is actor/heartthrob George Clooney who is Gabriel’s cousin.
    Speaking of songs that *I can No longer stand:
    How about that song by the Hues Corporation
    called “Rock the Boat.”
    I swear that song ( don’t rock the boat baby,rock the boat,oooooooohhhhh),I got tired of hearing it in the 70’s and even Now when I hear it on the radio, I have to change the station, talk about absolute torture.
    Thanks for enlightening me about Brian casting Courtney.The way that Bruce reached out to her in that audience is an absolute classic. She was portrayed as a “surprised” fan who got on stage and strutted her excitement while dancing with “The Boss”!!

  11. Wonderful ship that is constantly full of surprise guests!

  12. Before becoming famous Jennifer Hudson was a singer on cruise ships. Even after becoming famous as sidekick to Regis, Kathy Lee continued to do Carnival Cruise commercials!!

  13. Hey Leo, Thank you and a safe & happy & blessed holiday to you and your family too! 🙂

    My favorite Stones song will always be “Gimme Shelter”. I never tired of that one. That’s some of the coolest music I have ever heard. That wonderful Merry Clayton hitting those high high notes like the angel she is. What a voice.

    Love “Jumpin Jack Flash” too. I can’t help but wonder if any of their songs were ever written sober. lol lol I probably wouldn’t have liked them if they were. lol (Please note that I am not promoting drug use here.)

    Hard to believe Jagger will be 68 in a couple of months.

    Have a great holiday everyone! I am getting ready for church but we’re BBQ-ing chicken today and ribs tomorrow!!! Heartburn City…..I love it!!!

  14. I’ve seen the WHO a couple of times and both times they were surprisingly boring.
    Best rock shows ever, The KinKs, Ramones, Pink Floyd of course and old Yes and Genesis.
    Ramones were the biggest surprise!
    Hey Ho Let’s Go!

  15. Pippa Regarding Libya. Western powers want Gaddafi gone because he only accepts payments for oil in gold bullion. They are one of the largest holders of bullion in the world and the west wants that and the oil. The rebels are the worst of muslim islamists! They publicly hang and rape their prisoners, cut blacks into little pieces and bury people alive.
    The A.P. is now reporting British soldiers are on the ground in Libya! Protecting Isdlamic militant terrorists{the rebels}
    America, fUCK ya!

  16. I saw the Who live when Roger looked like he does in the bottom photo. Man, he was hot. Short, but hot. He seems to be holding up pretty well. Wonder if he dyes his hair.

  17. I know we’re OT, but Chicagoland, it sounds like you read:

    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

    That’s exactly what he talks about!!!!

  18. Who gives a crap about LIbya Pippa? Muslims are a bunch of crazy people. I wouldn’t care if Libya fell into the ocean.

    On Daltry, well I for one think it’s cool he gave the passengers a free show. I hate uptight celebrities who think their too cool to do that.

  19. lettuce: I have read Perkins’ “Confessions,” and his latest, “Hoodwinked”—both are eye-opening looks at the truth of American interests abroad.

    Perkins says, by the way, that the larger issues of currency and control have actually now superseded oil as the main draw in Libya.

    Anyway you look at it though, it stinks. 🙁

  20. On Topic: Daltrey, Frampton, Jagger and Plant have all aged quite well and almost all (Frampton is the exception) have kept their voluminous hair.

    Paul McCartney, on the other hand, looks like a kindly old woman, IMHO.

  21. Now now. I saw Paul McCartney play Fenway Park 2 years ago and he was fabulous. Great voice and he didn’t even break a sweat and it was a warm night. When he sang “The Long and Winding Road” I cried. And he’s still cute.

    Me and Roger Daltrey on a cruise ship: one of my long ago fantasies.

  22. Roger Daltry is still h-o-t hot!!! Awesome voice that sends chills and killer arms.
    I have seen him live 6 times in the past 5 years and can’t WAIT til the next time! Had I been on that cruise and wandered into the bar to find him belting one out, I could have died and gone to heaven right then & there!!!

  23. he thought the microphone would spit sperm?

  24. The American is called for it’s troll alter ego Strom.

    ALL THE SAME RACIST, FOLKS. Just how Janet Charlton likes it. A trailer trash site.

  25. Ok, my turn to tell my Who story:

    About 10 years ago, my step-dad that worked for American Airlines gave he me his free concert tickets to the Who. The tickets were given out to celebrate the opening of the new American Airlines concert hall here in the DFW area. I wanted to take my then 8 year old son to see this classic rock and roll band but was afraid it might be a bit too adult for him. I call the AA hall and asked them what the show was rated…the guy told me “lady these guys are grandpas, I wouldn’t worry about them being too risque anymore”. So off to the concert we went. When we got there, it was a sea of old time Who fans all with their young children or grandchildren. You would have thought we were at a muppet movie. So very funny but it was a great concert! Roger and Pete put on a great show.

  26. Noblecascade, I saw them five years ago and we made the same observation. When the theme to C.S.I. started, “Who Are You,” I think it is started and all of the younglings finally recognized a song I felt my generation as a long ago memory. Pissd me off. I felt cheated, again, at another shitty WHO concert. Only about eight good songs in the set.
    Yes with Styx will be playing in your neighbourhood this summer. Take the grandkids to that! Those guys will wow em out.

  27. This thread makes me think of Seger: “just take those old records off the shelf, I sit and listen to them by myself. Today’s music ain’t got the same soul. I like that old time rock ‘n roll”

    Call me a relic. . .

  28. Well then, I must be a relic, too! 🙂

    After mentioning some of rock’s greatest further up the page, I started thinking about Zeppelin—and HAD to hear “Stairway to Heaven”…

    (In fact, I’m still listening to it right now.)

    There’s a reason that song is considered a masterpiece. Sure brings back memories—and affirms how phenomenally talented the Brits are. (Sir Paul included, Denise 🙂 )

    Remember “Album Oriented Rock” FM radio stations?

    These poor kids today. They have NO idea.

    Oh well. Moody Blues next followed by a little E.L.O.—if I can find my damn walker!

  29. Ahem.

    Just remembered Sirius and other contemporary outlets for good music. OK, so maybe the kids DO have some idea; I still want them to get off my lawn! 🙂

  30. Daltrey was an incredible force on stage at the height of the Who’s fame: Sexy, powerful, giving every thing he had during a performance.

    Daltrey is still sexy, powerful and the joy of performing in still part of who he is.

    Considering the absolute decadence of the 60’s and 70’s; he has aged very well. Indulging in all the delights of that time and living to tell about it (and remember it) is a feat in and of itself.

    Some weathered the period better than others: Keith Richards survived it, but looks like he died years ago. Daltrey survived and has matured into a prime example of a sexy, mature man.

    Speaking from experience, never underestimate the power of good genes to help counteract the over indulgence of good times ………

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