At first we were outraged by the raid on Justin Bieber’s home because he is accused of throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house. Eleven patrol cars full of deputies presented a warrant and conducted a felony search at 8AM at Justin’s house in Calabasas, while he was held in the garage. Yes, it seemed like a frivolous use of law enforcement resources. Were they looking for empty egg cartons? Happily, the raid was NOT in vain – they arrested one of Justin’s loser buddies named “Lil’ Za” (above) for felony drug possession. So all’s well that ends well.


  1. What a WASTE of taxpayers’ money. No doubt this guy is a creep, but, please. Not one WALLSTREET banker has been arrested and they are the biggest criminals around crippling the US and making off with TRILLIONS of dollars.

    All the raid tells me is, who ever JB egged obviously has more money and power than he does. The system works for the Billionaires and their close friends. JB is a peon money making tool for them too!

  2. I think its awesome! Hopefully, this little asshole will finally get the message that he’s not special, he’s not above the law, and will settle down and quit torturing that poor neighborhood with his bs antics. its about time the Los County Sheriffs to the Stars finally goes after a big celebrity. They usually look the other way if a celeb does something.

  3. Trudy, I live five minutes from there and am pleased to see law enforcement working (for once) since we do pay so much in taxes here. I do agree with you 110% about the Wall St jerks and bankers not going to jail for collapsing the system and costing the taxpayers trillions.

  4. The Biebs is just p*ssed off because he is so short. This fact evokes anger and that is why he is such a little F-ing troublemaker and does whatever he wants to when he wants to. He needs to grow up and wear shoe lifts ala Tom Cruise. LOL

  5. ^^^^^
    By ‘growing up’, neaning growing up mentally.

  6. Just me, but I think his hood has a lot of important, pissed off people.

    This was more than just an egg hunt. They want him gone, back to Canada if possible.

    He’s a selfish, immature jack ass.

  7. The gene pool and artistic scene would be so much better without these two….

  8. BIEBER and the ghetto friends should be whipped and sent off to GAY Island where they csn enjoy themselves.

  9. I’m no fan of Bieber, but allegedly $20K worth of damage with a few eggs? The whole front of the house will need to be replastered and the wood re-stained? Gimme a break!! Did the guy ever hear of something new, like a pressure wash with a hose?

  10. Why are all his friends called “Lil” something? Small wee wee’s? I would love it if Bieber were locked up for a long time, the man is a menace and a fool.

  11. They also seized the little brat’s cell phone, right out of his hands! Oh, I’d love to see what’s in that… I find it funny that after all he’s done, throwing eggs might be what finally gets him in trouble.

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