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Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling are in the UK for the premier of ”The Lucky One” and he’s looking rather short next to his costar. The movie did well on opening weekend here – over 22 million dollars in spite of its flaws. The script was so predictable you knew what many of the next lines would be. Cute Zac was robotic in the lead and we think the director should be blamed. But Zac didn’t embarrass himself and he LOOKED hot as ever.



  1. If he is robotic and it’s a predictable movie that will bomb, how is that not embarrassing?

  2. He’s like ….. and you rave but he looks good? Damning his lack of talent with faint praise..

  3. My 18 and 21 year old daughters saw this movie. The 21 year old said, it was “stupid” because she read the book first.

    Not sure why, but Nicholas Sparks is a little too sappy for my taste.

  4. this is the same sort of ASSKISING tiny Faggot who will even sell his mother for publicity.
    ………THE CREAP!!!!!!

  5. Buy a gym membership. It’s better for you AND you get to drool over a lot more hunkier men. hahaa

    I feel sorry for Zac. I don’t think he has any talent but no one will be honest with him. Maybe he could look for a 2nd career doing something else

  6. I can tell he spends mucho hours in front of the mirror preening and primping.

    I wonder if Vanessa Hudgens is still pining for him.

    Zac is a strange little elf. No one really knows him.

  7. If he would have done Footloose with the original director that was tied in to him doing that movie and used that a spring board to other roles his transition would have been better. You don’t quit your core audience and expect to make it in the movie business….it never works!

  8. Sooner or later every one loves a love story and most of all a little Drama tossed in for good measure…Loved the movie from start to finish and thought it was fantastic and wonderful and had class and taste.

  9. From start to finish this movie had my attention…It was about life and what twist and turns we all go throw…This movie had class and skill and…Thoughful to a large Degree…The story was about a man who had went to Hell and Back and of course his best friend was a Dog! The Dog was well behaved and hit it marks just right…But along with the Drama and Cias and frustrations of the story line…This story truely shined and down the road…Things worked out to a safe and secure level! Down the road…Would love to see the story again!

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