The Amy Winehouse documentary was a huge success at Cannes – the audience loved it, her family – not so much. This trailer reminds us of how much we miss her. We loved writing about her and loved her style in photos. As the doc points out – she was a girl who just wanted to be loved….only she picked the wrong guy.

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  1. JOY?
    ……….is it fun to watch someone ruining himself?

    well, sometimes it is.

  2. Poor little imposter, so wants to be Strom.

    Amy was a drug addled oddball who died of her own behavior. RIP but should not be an example!

  3. Janet tormented Amy right until the end. disgraceful

  4. Strom, you MUST realize, you must be at least that aware, that no one in the universe want’s to be you, it’s ridicule honey, bald face contempt, but in your defence, you do deserve it

  5. Poor Sheila, oh but if it were true! Maybe you can reel in your gang of heel nappers and encourage them to be themselves…but it is unlikely to happen.

  6. And no mention of the mind control she was subjected to, of course, sheeple dont need to know…. Lets sugarcoat it all….

  7. Question …

    if you pretend to be yourself, are you still an impostor ??

  8. Poor shelia…..I never pretend anything…the jealous little imposter so badly wants to be the famous Strom but can only nip + nap!

  9. Strom the Dumb bell. Dumb. dumb dumb dumber than dumb. Dumber than a box of rocks.

  10. Sheila’s question was a general, universal query Strom, about the geometry of identity, it wasn’t directed at you specifically at all.

    The fact that you didn’t realize that, speaks volumes about your intellectual and emotional capacity.

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