In the years before Hilary Duff became pregnant with her fiancée Matthew Koma’s baby, she complained bitterly about the paparazzi following her. The Younger star had tantrums and loud confrontations with photographers and griped endlessly about them. But AFTER the baby was born, everything changed. Every time Hilary left the house, she was photographed incessantly doing mundane things with or without her baby, with or without her fiancée. No complaints. Did she decide she LIKES being famous? There are more paparazzi photos of Hilary available to journalists every day than ANY other celebrity. Too many. Did she HIRE or make some kind of deal with a paparazzi to follow her every minute of every day? Suddenly her pics are a glut on the market…

Above, Hilary went to the gym …again

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Her first marriage to the hockey player/furniture salesman ended badly when he was accused of raping two women . I hope this fellow is better

  2. I know for a fact she calls the paparazzi. I was at the West Elm parking lot on Beverly and saw about 4 paparazzi in the parking lot. I asked who were they waiting for and was told that they were waiting for Hilary Duff to come out of her ballet class. This was definitely before the first baby. I was shocked and asked why (she hadn’t done anything in a while) and the paparazzi guy said “cause she calls us and wants to be photographed”. So her stating that she doesn’t want to be hounded by them is total BS.

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