Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Mick Jagger looks on in shock from the stands as the British soccer team is dumped out of the World Cup 2010 by the German team. His mood is evident in his face as he goes through four stages: 1- anger, 2- horror, 3- disbelief,, and finally, 4-defeat.

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  1. I’m glad Mick hasn’t had plastic surgery. He looks his age, and not like he’s stretched like a balloon. Those expressions are wonderful!

  2. you wanna look “Old & Grumpy”?
    ………….watch soccer, folks!!

  3. #2 is really disbelief and #3 is horror. well, that’s my take. And he looks like a monkey. I bet he smells every bit like an old man!

  4. You could plant potatos in the hollow spaces in his (face) cheeks! NOT an attractive man, and puny too, but do dig his music and always have, just not going to nominate him for any modeling contests!

  5. Once again, love the photos!

    I’ve been a fan of The Stones for lifetime. However, I don’t think I have ever gotten use to seeing Mick Jagger age.

  6. Yeah, isn’t it strange seeing people you “grew up with” age?

    For years and years, it seemed to me like no one I knew in music or acting ever really looked substantially older, and all of a sudden in the last few years everyone seems to look masses older (or, God forbid, dying out). Okay, I guess the Rolling Stones have always looked old for their age, but they had the lifestyle to “earn” it.

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