Sure, Justin Timberlake is good at a lot of things – he’s an accomplished singer, dancer, and actor and can be very funny on Saturday Night Live. He took his sweet time picking out a wife (with the help of his doting mother Lynn) and finally married Jessica Biel after five years together. He’s definitely a catch, but Jessica has to endure Justin’s obsession with the most boring sport imaginable – GOLF. Every so often he dresses up in his “dad” clothes and spends the day golfing – and of course Jessica pretends to be interested and actually hits a few balls herself. Yawn. Anything to keep her man happy.


  1. Sorry, but one downside of being married to JT would be, well, being married to JT.

    He’s not the least bit attractive. Kinda girly, too.

  2. Golf may be boring to you, but I’ve heard it’s actually quite popular with women as well as men. Good for Jessica for preferring to join her husband on the links rather than hitting the shops.

  3. JT is the bottom in this coupling. Rumor has it that Jessica was born with a penis.

  4. She always has that pained look on her face like it’s such a big deal to be pleasant.

    kinda like Kristen Stewart.

  5. Golf is a great game. What do you have against fresh air? Better than being crowded out by all those skanks at Coachella.

  6. Golf is one of my least favorite games. I dislike JT as much as I dislike golf. I feel sorry for anybody married to that little pansy.

  7. Wow, I’m glad people are finally being honest about jt, he always struck me as a boring, not very talented a hole.

    I think Jessica really got the short end of the stick here.

    He is a horrible actor.

    And I’m not black or white, but the “humor” on Saturday night live isn’t even funny. It hast been funny for a long time.

  8. Justin Timberlake is a boring old fart. He cheats on his wife. He is so boring that he looks beige.

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